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Best aero helmets 2024 — road cycling lids to cut drag without sacrificing comfort

Aero helmets for road riding needn't be uncomfortable! Here are our top aero helmet picks to net you some cost-effective drag reduction

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For many riders looking to shell out on one of the best cycling helmets, a consideration will be its aerodynamics. Manufacturers claim that a modern aero road helmet can save you roughly 10 watts at 40kph, which is by no means insignificant!

We're unable to test aerodynamic claims here at; and in fact, we recommend staying wary of aero data when it comes to helmets as it’s so dependent on rider shape and head position. Luckily we can review a whole host of other features such as comfort, weight, strap design and even glasses retention to inform you on your next aero helmet purchase.

If you’re in the market for a new road helmet and even dip into competitive riding, triathlons or just fast training rides with your mates, then we’d seriously consider checking out one of the aero options recommended below. Helmet tech has moved on to the point that many lids with purported aero benefits now offer very impressive ventilation, so if you want one helmet to do it all an aero one should definitely be on your wishlist. Plus, (apart from full-on time trial lids that we're not covering in this guide) some of them even look pretty cool nowadays!

Without further ado, here are our top recommendations, plus some more detailed tips to help you choose below the listicle. Let us know which aero helmet you’d choose in the comments section below...

Best aero cycling helmets 2022

Specialized S-Works Evade 3 helmet

Specialized S-Works Evade 3

Specialized S-Works Evade 3 helmet

The most popular in the pro peloton
Buy now for £199 from Certini
Surprisingly good airflow for minimal venting
Comfortable fit
Good range of colours and sizes
At the pricey end of the scale

"The most aero road helmet in the peloton now breathes better." That's the claim from Specialized and you'll find this helmet on the heads of Bora-Hansgrohe, Quickstep Alpha Vinyl and Direct Total Energies riders at the world's biggest races. Now, obviously, just because Specialized sponsors the largest number of teams doesn't make this a good helmet but luckily Stu was on hand to offer his full verdict. 

In our testing we found the Evade 3, which weighs in at 271g on our scales, to be an impressively cool feeling helmet for one with such a small number of vents and it is impressively comfortable too. In days gone by wearing an aero helmet was a sweaty, hot and uncomfortable experience but the latest generation Evade continues to close the gap between aero and ventilated helmets.

Compared to the Evade 2, this lid claims to draw 10% more air across the head thanks in a large part to the Mips Air Node system that you'll find inside, on all but the hottest days or steepest of climbs, the Evade 3 kept our reviewer, Stu, cool. As the autumn temperatures kicked in, he could feel the air entering at the front and passing over his head before exiting out of the rear. Not only that but this new version definitely looks less "mushroomy" when worn!

Kask Protone Icon helmet

Kask Protone Icon helmet

Kask Protone Icon helmet

A classic that's still going strong
Buy now for £147 from Wiggle
Superb ventilation
Extremely comfortable
Impressive build quality
Octofit+ adjuster feels less robust than some

Believe it or not the original Kask Protone was first seen back at the 2014 Tour de France on the heads of Team Sky, oh yes, that's now 8 years ago! This new 'Icon' version is certainly an evolution rather than a revolution but Kask reckons it's an improvement on its predecessor 'in every way possible.’ 

The Protone offers such impressive ventilation that it's debatable whether it truly is an "aero" helmet. However, given that it was developed in a wind tunnel and our tester claims that it's easily the most comfortable helmet he says he’s ever used, we thought it would be rude to not include it! 

The Protone Icon weighs in at an impressive 223g on our scales only adding to the comfort of the Octofit system.


Abus Gamechanger helmet

Abus GameChanger Road Aero Helmet Impressive lack of bulging out at the sides

Abus GameChanger Road Aero Helmet

Impressive lack of bulging out at the sides
Buy now for £103 from Sigma Sports
Fit is excellent
'Zoom Ace' retention system works very well
Sleek looks

The Gamechanger is one of our all-time favourite helmets thanks in part to its extra sleek fit. Abus says that this is the ultimate aerodynamic helmet for performance road cycling and points to the time that they spent developing it with Team Movistar. Not content with just that, they also claim that with its Multi Position Design the GameChanger completely redefines aerodynamics as every airflow is optimised for real race conditions.

Whilst we can't validate those aero claims we were a big fan of the 'FlowStraps', they stay close to the head for flutter-free, skin-friendly and noticeably quiet riding. We found the 'Air port' for sunnies to work just as it should and there's a large range of adjustments to suit a range of head shapes and sizes.

Lazer Vento KinetiCore helmet

Lazer Vento KinetiCore helmet Soft straps and less plastic

Lazer Vento KinetiCore helmet

Soft straps and less plastic
Buy now for £161 from Sigma Sports
Decent airflow
Innovative anti-concussion system
Comfortable and easy to use fitting system
Others are lighter

The Lazer Vento KinetiCore is an impressive and innovative helmet that mixes decent airflow with a new fitting system and good looks. This is a helmet that's designed to be fastest in a sprint position with a head angle of 15° angle, as this is where an aero helmet is likely to make the most difference for most road riders this is a theory we can get behind!

Lazer says that airflow is optimised to help you increase speed and progress up the leaderboards and whilst being apparently very fast, this is also a very comfortable helmet, helped by the soft straps and plush, well-positioned pads. The pads don't tend to soak up too much sweat, and they dry quickly too, however, we do need to mention that the straps are quite wide and can interfere with some glasses.

Speaking of sunnies, this helmet, like many of the others has a secure in-vent docking system and a nice touch to finish on is that Lazer claims to be using 90g less plastic than the Lazer Bullet 2.0 MIPS.

Met Trenta 3K Carbon Mips helmet

Met Trenta 3K Carbon Mips

Met Trenta 3K Carbon Mips helmet

Ventilation and style
Buy now for £174 from Wiggle
Mips rotational protection

Call us shallow but we're a massive fan of the looks of this one. You’ll normally spot the Trenta with a few tufts of hair sticking out the top of it as Pogacar wins everything from classics to mountain top finishes wearing one.

Met have recently added MIPS to the Trenta and have managed to do so without adding tons of additional weight, in fact, just 3g and our size small weighed in at just 223g, that's lighter than many non-aero helmets and about 25% lighter than many of the other options here!

Met claims that the fancy carbon fibre bits help to keep the weight down, and are structural rather than purely aesthetic. There is a cheaper non-carbon version (£220) that offers the same aerodynamic claims, safety and ventilation, but is slightly heavier. Rubberized glasses grips in the front finish off this comfortable, airy and great-looking all-around performance helmet.

Giro Eclipse Spherical helmet

Giro Eclipse Spherical Road Helmet Big aero claims!

Giro Eclipse Spherical Road Helmet

Big aero claims!
Buy now for £153 from Sigma Sports
Great cooling
Extra safety tech
Some glasses can clash with the low retention system

This is a helmet that we first saw used in the World Tour in 2021 and Giro claim that it’s 163.5 seconds quicker than the Aether…over 100 miles…at 25mph…which is useful…You’ve got to love pro average speeds! Many aero helmets can suffer from poorer ventilation than non-aero designs, but the Giro Eclipse performs well on this front thanks to those large front vents and the Roc Loc 5 retention system that holds the helmet slightly above the skull.

The Eclipse Spherical weighed in on the scales of truth at a very acceptable 265g (size medium) and like many of the helmets featured here, benefits from Mips inside for a claimed improvement in rotational protection. Giro says that this is both the fastest road helmet and the coolest aero road helmet it has ever created, our only slight niggle is its compatibility with long-armed sunnies, we found that a few interfered.

Met Manta Mips Aero Road helmet

Met Manta Mips Aero Road helmet

Good blend of aero and ventilation
Buy now for £132 from Wiggle
Aero gains (claimed)
Mips tech
Decent ventilation
Quite light
Helmet brow quite visible

The Met Manta Mips Aero Road helmet offers a good blend of aero performance and ventilation, featuring on our list of best cycling helmets. The Met Manta Mips impresses with seemingly good aero performance married to good levels of cooling, weight and comfort, and is nicely integrated with Mips protection. Coming in at 248g on the scales, the weight isn't too shabby either. 

We can't verify the aero claims, but Met says there are up to "4W improvements at 33, 55 and 80 km/h in a wind tunnel." Interestingly, it seems that Met only tested it at zero degrees yaw, but did simulate riding both on the hoods and in the drops.

We don't have access to a wind tunnel, nor a sophisticated air convection test here at, but we were able to test it out on the road! Our reviewer Leon said, it was fast-feeling (compared to his lightweight climber's helmet) and surprisingly airy, with enough ventilation to regulate the temperature on a warm British summer's day. 

Kask Wasabi helmet

Kask Wasabi helmet

Buy now for £164 from Wiggle
Tuneable climate control
Styling won't appeal to all

The Kask Wasabi is a quirky model that is said to be the helmet for all seasons, and is suited to road, cyclo-cross, and gravel riding. The Wasabi employs panels that can be opened or closed depending on how much airflow you want, and the standard of finish is excellent. The Kask Wasabi blends comfort and performance with easy-to-operate venting panels that are really useful, especially when the heavens open unexpectedly.

Whilst this model might not appeal to everyone, Kask says, "the shape is configured for optimal aerodynamic efficiency." Whilst we can't validate these claims, their wind tunnel testing confirmed that "less than one watt was lost between an open and closed vent when riding at a speed of 50 km/h." 

Kask is not a proponent of MIPS or similar 'roll cage' type technology but compliance with the highest standards – CE EN 1078, CPSC1203 and AS/NZS2063 – should satisfy most minds. Though, there is a lack of sunglasses parking port which may be a bigger deal-breaker for some! 

Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet

Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet

Worn by the pros
Buy now for £67.99 from Westbrook Cycles
Well ventilated
A bit overweight

This Scott Cadence Plus Mips helmet proves to be an excellent combination of MIPS-enhanced safety, aero, ventilation and comfort. It has made many appearances in the pro peloton - Orica Scott in 2017 and by Team DSM in 2021.

Our reviewer Jez wore this helmet on days when it was in the low 20s and said it offered very decent ventilation, certainly better than most aero helmets. For colder days, or when you need even more aero, Scott supplies the helmet with bungs to close up the front vents. 

Now for some stats, per manufacturer claims, this helmet will "save up to 13 seconds compared to competitor aero road helmets, when riding at 40kph over a distance of 40km." However, there aren't any specifics about which competitor helmets were tested. Scott also claims that this helmet is so well-ventilated that it "cools your head 1.1% better than if not wearing a helmet at all". We don't have a sophisticated air convection test, so can't comment on that one!

HJC Furion 2.0 Road Cycling Helmet

HJC Furion 2.0 Road Cycling Helmet

Selfit mechanism for added comfort
Buy now for £91 from Sigma Sports
Selfit mechanism is great
Looks fast and race ready
Light for an aero helmet
Ventilation not great in hot weather

The HJC Furion 2.0 Road Cycling Helmet is a 'semi-aero' road helmet that has a degree of ventilation. HJC claims that each vent is placed optimally for "air penetration and improved air cooling capabilities," but Ed who reviewed this helmet didn't find it to be the most well-ventilated aero helmet. 

What this helmet lacks in ventilation, it gains in comfort, weight, and aerodynamics. The Furion 2.0 lacks foam padding but comfort is still plentiful due to HJC's Selfit mechanism and soft strap. Ed said the helmet felt pretty aerodynamic, though this is something we can't subjectively test, and is also very light - at 218g on the scales of truth. HJC claims the Furion 2.0 saves 7% energy during your ride compared with the competition. 

Everything you need to know about aero cycling helmets

What are the benefits of an aero cycling helmet?

An aero cycling helmet can help you ride faster for the same amount of effort by reducing your drag. Whilst the watts you’ll save might be small, they add up to free speed and a helmet is one of the most cost-effective upgrades that you can make. Manufacture and independent testing show that the benefits can be in the region of 10 watts at 40kph when compared to a regular, more ventilated cycling helmet.

There are other less talked about benefits too such as reduced wind noise when riding at speed and the fact that fewer vents and less ventilation can actually sometimes be of benefit, for example on colder rides during the winter. If you're still torn then maybe our feature weighing up if you should buy an aero road helmet can help.

Is an aero helmet worth it?

Well, that depends a lot on what your goals are as a cyclist: Will an aero helmet make casual riding more fun or exhilarating? Likely not, but if you're looking for marginal gains and every possible advantage in a sprint or race then an aero helmet can make a significant difference to your aerodynamics behind only, body position, bike frame, wheels and clothing.

Compared to one of the best lightweight cycling helmets an aero helmet will feel slightly warmer due to the lack of vents, so consider the climate that you will be riding in and your priorities as a rider. Over the distance of an event like an Ironman, these small-watt savings can make a huge difference in time.

How much does an aero cycling helmet cost?

Prices of aero helmets can vary hugely in price, from around £45 to over £300. Many of our favourite aero helmets are often a brand's premium/top-tier, and therefore most expensive, offerings but if you're looking to spend less than on the helmets featured above then check out these best cheap cycling helmets.

Do aero road helmets meet the same safety standards as standard helmets?

Many helmet brands feature MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) in their standard helmets and MIPS is integrated into many aero road helmets too.

> All you need to know about MIPS 

It isn't compulsory for helmets to feature MIPS and with that being said, all aero road helmets are made to meet the same safety standards as standard helmets, meaning you get the same level of claimed protection in an aero helmet as you would in one with less aero benefits. 

Is the added weight worth it?

Aero road helmets do tend to be a little heavier than standard helmets of a similar price, but not by much and there are exceptions. 

On the flipside, you’ll to get a small reduction in drag. It’s a marginal gain but it might just make an important difference if you intend to go off the front and try your luck in a race.

Which aero road helmet is fastest?

We're unable to test aerodynamic claims here at and would recommend staying wary of aero data when it comes to helmets. 

Manufacturers will make claims about their aero helmets, but there isn't a black and white answer. The fastest helmets will differ from person to person because it is dependent on the rider shape and head position. 

Jamie has been riding bikes since a tender age but really caught the bug for racing and reviewing whilst studying towards a master's in Mechanical engineering at Swansea University. Having graduated, he decided he really quite liked working with bikes and is now a full-time addition to the team. When not writing about tech news or working on the Youtube channel, you can still find him racing local crits trying to cling on to his cat 2 licence...and missing every break going...

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Backladder | 1 year ago
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"We're unable to test aerodynamic claims here at; and in fact, we recommend staying wary of aero data when it comes to helmets as it’s so dependent on rider shape and head position. Luckily we can review a whole host of other features such as comfort, weight, strap design and even glasses retention to inform you on your next aero helmet purchase."

So when you factor in that everyone has a different shaped head you're really only reviewing weight and glasses retention?

Paul J | 1 year ago
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"on all but the hottest days or steepest of climbs," - why would you wear a helmet on a steep climb? You're going at no more than jogging pace. Why not... take the thing off, snag it to the front of your bars or (if you think ahead) bring a loop of some kind so you can sling it around your body?

Paul J replied to Paul J | 1 year ago
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Oh, and the pros should be allowed to ditch helmets at the bottom of a final climb - like they used to be able to.

It was so much better to be able to see who was who, and they looked more human, and there's just no purpose to making them wear polystyrene at jogging to normal-run speeds uphill.