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Best electric bikes under £1000 2023 — get yourself some affordable electric pedalling assistance

Get the benefit of pedal assisted riding for less with our top picks of budget e-bikes under (or around) a grand

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Many of us are looking to more eco-friendly forms of transport for both environmental and economical purposes, and one great alternative to driving everywhere is swapping out your car for a bike. To make things a little easier, what if that bike gave you a helping hand in the form of electric assistance, and didn't cost the earth? Our pick of the best electric bikes under £1000 will hopefully entice you to make the switch if you haven't already. 

Even if you're already an experienced cyclist, sometimes an 'acoustic' bike is a little lacking, especially if you aren’t someone who puts in regular miles on a weekly basis. Many of you may have also considered one of the best electric bikes, but decided that the price point of most e-bikes was just a little too steep to justify. Therefore, if you're on a budget and want an electric bike for added assistance, our selection of the best electric bikes under £1,000 should have you covered.

Of course there will be compromises at this super budget price point, which we'll dive deeper into in the Q+A under our recommendations. In short, those compromises will be found in the frame materials, motor and specification of things like the gearing and brakes.

While a higher end electric bike might get a powerful mid-motor, hydraulic disc brakes and perhaps even a carbon frame, at the budget end you're invariably going to see less punchy motors embedded into one of your wheel hubs; these will still do the job for helping you up a hill, but probably aren't suitable for hardcore e-bike rides on trails or trickier terrain. 

Your gearing will be mechanical, not electric, and you'll likely have less gearing choices than on higher end e-bikes. At under a grand, you're also likely to see mechanical disc, rim or even v-brakes, which will be less powerful than hydraulic disc brakes, but will stop you nonetheless. 

As you'll notice, there sadly isn't that many electric bikes under £1,000 any more that get our full seal of approval (we'd strongly advise against cutting corners and buying cheap batteries to do a bodge job); but there are still some, and with our friends at eBikeTips helping us to come up with the recommendations from their sizeable reviews archive, whether you want a city bike, hybrid or folding bike, our list should have an option to suit your needs as well as style, and all for under a grand!

If you manage to find an e-bike you like that will prove reliable over time, it should prove to be fantastic value for money, regardless of which one takes your fancy... 

The best electric bikes under £1000: our top picks

Halfords Assist Hybrid

Halfords Assist Hybrid

Biggest bargain electric bike under £1,000
Buy now for £494 from Halfords
The price
Removable battery
Quite heavy
Only a 20 mile range

The Assist electric bike with 20” wheels from Halfords is certainly one to consider if you have a really tight budget but still want the added support of a pedal assist motor, hence it’s our best bargain pick for our best electric bikes under £1000 list.

Although pretty basic with only one single gear, this 18kg shopping style e-bike offers a range of up to 20 miles (32km) on a full charge, which is acceptable considering it costs just 500 quid. One full charge will only take around 2-3 hours and this is made easy thanks to the removable 48Ah battery. 

This front wheel drive e-bike also offers up to 250W of assistance from the motor, which is more than enough for leisure riding or commuting. This bike also benefits from being fitted with a kickstand for ease and convenience.

If you need something to whip you to the shops, train station or pub and your route isn't long or particularly hilly - but you want to arrive at your destination sweat-free - the Halfords Assist will provide adequate assistance as the name suggests. Just be aware that if you want to use it for anything over a 15-mile round trip, you'll have to use the battery sparingly. 

Fiido D11

Fiido D11

Best folding electric bike under £1000
Buy now for £911.39 from Geekbuying
Nicely designed with an effective fold
Removable battery makes it fairly portable
Decent power from the hub motor
Some finishing kit poor
Takes a while to charge

Fiido’s D11 is a well-executed folding e-bike that we've named as our current best folding electric bike for under £1000. You get both the benefit of a motor, seven gears as well as the convenience and practicality of being able to fold it too. While the RRP is over £1000, this is currently available at an impressive £911.39 which makes it even more of a steal if an e-bike with folding capabilities is what you have in mind.

The D11 comes with a removable battery which makes recharging much easier. A full charge does take seven hours which could prove a little inconvenient; but on a full charge the range can be up to 62 miles, which should see you through at least a week of commuting if your out-and-back journey is less than ten miles a day and you don't deploy full power mode too often. 

The motor fitted to this bike is a brushless gear hub motor which offers 250 watts, more than enough for anyone looking to commute or ride around for fun. Overall, it’s a great option for those on the move or lacking space, due to its folding capabilities.

Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike

Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike

Best electric bike under £1000* overall
Buy now for £1099 from Pure Electric
700c wheels
Fairly lightweight at 17.5kg
Not bulky looking
Only for riders 5'7 to 6'2

* Ok, so this bike is no longer under £1000... but it was until fairly recently and if you use a cycle to work scheme then it will still creep under that magic grand mark when you've finished paying for it!

With a stripped back look, which is quite different to a lot of cheaper e-bikes that can look quite bulky, the Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid is a great all-round singlespeed option for those wanting the best electric bike for around £1000 (or under if you're able to get it through Cyclescheme). 

Battery recharging time for this particular model is five Hours (or up to 80% full in thee hours) and one full charge can see a range of up to 25 miles (40 km) which is more than enough for most commutes or leisure riding. 

Additionally, the Flux One is fitted with a 250 watt brushless hub motor to help you power along any road or bike path. Overall, this is a really solid all-round option and with a sleek all-black look, and definitely one to consider if you don't want or need the hassle of gears ot maintain. 

BTWIN 500E 20 inch electric folding bike

B'Twin 500E 20 inch electric folding bike

Best value folding electric bike
Buy now for £699.99 from Decathlon
Folds in as little as 15 seconds
Some accessories fitted as standard
Range of up to 21 miles
A little basic
Low range

The 18.6kg 500E from Decathlon's own BTWIN brand is easily one of the best value electric folding bikes out there currently, which is why we're calling it the best value folding electric bike under £1000. Currently at only £699.99, it’s a bit of a steal. 

Folding in around only 15 seconds, the 500E is a great option for those new to both electric and folding bikes thanks to its simple and straightforward user-friendly design. It also offers a range of 21 miles (35km) in economy mode, not much but fine for city riding and short trips with light assistance. The motor fitted to this bike is a 250 watt brushless hub motor, which is pretty standard and does its job well.

Moreover, this electric bike also comes kitted out with accessories such as lights and mudguards, to help keep you dry and clean, and also has six gears. Overall, it’s a really great option for a budget folding bike with some extra bells and whistles so you don't need to buy so many extra accessories to get riding. 

Dawes Arc II Folding 2020

Dawes Arc II Folding

Best for added extras
Buy now for £949.99 from Arnold Clark Autoparts
Charging port for devices
Easy folding
Not the lightest e-bike folding bike at 19.5kg

The Arc II folding electric bike by Dawes is another great option for those wanting a folding bike that also offers the assistance of a motor. It’s also cleverly got a charging port for devices which allows you to charge things like your phone on the go, so we've crowns it the best electric bike under a grand for extra accessories. Because who doesn’t need to charge one of their many possessions at all times?

Fitted with a 250 watt rear hub motor and an integrated lithium battery, the Dawes offers a range of up to 21 miles (35km), which is enough for most commuters or leisure riders to make multiple trips before needing to recharge. A full charge for this battery takes around five hours which is pretty good.

In addition, the Arc II also comes with six gears which is definitely more than enough for a folding bike and for the vast majority of commuters and leisure riders. Overall, this is a decent affordable electric folding bike with some clever features.

Elops 900 E

Elops 900 Low Frame Electric City Bike

Best step-through electric bike under £1000
Buy now for £999.99 from Decathlon
Vintage aesthetic
Up to 43 miles range
On the heavy side at 25.4kg

The city-style Elops 900E step-through, available only at Decathlon, is a charming electric bike with front suspension that is both visually classy and practical, thanks to its electric capabilities. It’s a great option for those wanting a leisure bike or commuter with motorised assistance. 

Fitted with a rear 250 watt brushless hub motor, this bike has an impressive range of up to 43 miles (70km) which is rather generous given the price. It also comes with a removable battery to make charging convenient and easy. 

Usefully, this bike is also kitted out with accessories as standard such as mudguards, a chainguard and LED lights. This particular model also has seven gears to choose from to help with any undulating terrain and pace changes. If you're in need of a bike that makes hopping on and off as easy as possible, this is a great e-bike at an impressively low price. 

Carrera Vengeance E

Carrera Vengeance E

Best electric mountain bike under £1000
Buy now for £989 from Halfords
Smooth assistance
Great for cross country
Hub motor not hugely powerful

Ok, so this is another one where the RRP is over that magic grand mark... but at the time of writing you can get it for just under, and even if you have to stretch to £1,099 this is a great value electric hardtail that is ideal for the trails and hacking around town in between. 

The motor is found in the hub - common on electric bikes at this price point - but it does feature torque-sensing technology which is only usually found on more expensive e-bikes. The sturdy alloy frame is rated to support riders up to 160kg, and you get mechanical disc brakes for better stopping power than the rim or v-brakes that are found on a lot of budget bikes. There are nine gears with a wide spread, so coupled with the motor you should have plenty at the bottom to get you up steep hills. 

Between the smooth power assistance, proper hardtail geometry and impressive spec, there are very few electric mountain bikes that are even nearly as capable as the Vengeance E at this price point. 

Swytch e-bike conversion kit

Swytch e-bike conversion kit

A great alternative to buying a whole new e-bike
Buy now for £449 from Swytch Bike
Can be cheaper than buying a whole new e-bike
Keep riding the bike you love and know
Who doesn't want another bike!

Hopefully you can forgive us for flying in the face of the holy N+1 rule here, but some of us just don't have the space or the budget to own multiple bikes; therefore, if you already have a bike but want or need some electric assistance, then an e-bike conversion kit from a reputable manufacturer could be the option for you.  

While good ones (we repeat, DON'T be tempted to buy a DIY e-bike kit from an unknown source) will cost you as much or more as a cheap standard bike, something like the Swytch kit (pictured above) that was £449 when our pals ebiketips reviewed it gives you the option to add or remove your assistance depending on what type of journey you're making, and it can be fitted to pretty much any bike. We also know this particular kit is easy to fit and dependable, just requiring a front wheel swap and the fitting of a cadence sensor and battery pack. The handlebar pack is also super small now, so doesn't add much weight. 

The big plus with conversions kits is that you get to carry on riding a bike you love that you know fits you well. If you want an electric bike but like your current one too much to buy another, a conversion kit is a great alternative. 

How to choose the best e-bike under £1000

What is the best budget e-bike?

There isn't really a definitive answer to this question, as the best budget electric bike for you will largely depending on what style of bike it is that you were thinking of getting, as well as your idea of 'budget'. 

If you were hoping to get an electric bike for under £1000 then our selection above is a great starting point, as bikes have unfortunately risen in price in recent times, therefore your money in general gets your less. As mentioned in our intro, you won't get a high specification on an e-bike under £1000, and even around the £2000 price point there will be quite a few compromises. Expect fewer gearing choices, quite a bit of weight and budget frame and components. 

That said, you're not limited on bike type and whether you want a folding bike, full-sized hybrid style ride for the city or something for the trails, there is still some options around at or under that magic £1000 price point. We've chosen the Pure Flux One Electric Hybrid Bike as the best current e-bike under a grand at the time of writing, because we think it ticks quite a lot of boxes and impressed ebiketips' reviewer. 

Is an electric bike worth buying?

Purchasing an electric bike is most definitely worth it if you feel that you need a little added assistance while riding your bike. They are especially great for those wanting to build up fitness, or on the other hand they allow you to ride further for less energy than a standard bike would allow for the same energy expenditure. If you also want to arrive less sweaty at your destination an electric bike is the way to go, especially useful if you want to cycle to work but don't have facilities to shower and change. Yes there's the weather, but get yourself one of the best waterproof cycling jackets and some other suitable clothing and you'll live, and may even learn to love riding in rubbish conditions. Promise!

Appreciating that electric bikes are quite an investment, we hope that our range of the best electric bikes under £1000 will make purchasing an e-bike more realistic and accessible. Overall it could prove a great investment and much cheaper to maintain than a car, which people are increasingly turning away from in urban areas due to economic and environmental reasons, and simply because short car journeys are often inefficient and slower in heavy traffic. 

How fast can a 1000 watt e-bike go?

Pretty fast! A bike with this much motor power and a throttle could see you reach speeds of 35mph with hardly any pedalling... however, you simply won't be able to buy an electric bike with this much power in the UK or Europe that is street-legal. For example, in the UK e-bikes are legally restricted to assisted speeds of up to 15.5mph (25km/h) and 250 watts of motor power, and they won't move unless you pedal them. If you want to ride a more powerful e-bike in the UK, you'll either need to get it taxed and registered as a motorbike (a pretty complicated process at the time of writing) or ride it exclusively on private land. 

These rules were originally conceived to ensure the safety of the rider and others weren't compromised; though there is a growing school of thought that these restrictions are too, well... restrictive, and could be putting off those who would be tempted to switch from car to bike if they had to use less of their own steam. In the US, a "low-speed electric bicycle" is defined as one with a maximum motor output of 750 watts and assistance limited to 20mph (32km/h), which will give you quite a bit more oomph than UK and EU-legal e-bikes. 

Even with the restrictions, with the watts from your legs you can still ride a fair bit faster than 15.5mph, it's just that the motor will cut out when you reach that speed. With the pedal assist and your own power, you should find riding uphill much easier and more manageable, which is of course great news. Therefore, the main restriction could arguably be your own legs. 

Is an electric bike safe?

There are multiple aspects of electric bike safety that we'll try to summarise; but firstly, if you're a newbie and worried about turning a throttle and getting up to ridiculous speeds on your brand new electric bike before you can control it, then you'll be glad to know that neither would be possible on a road-legal electric bike in the UK or Europe that meets EAPC rules, as we've explained in the answer above this one. 

All of the bikes that made our list are UK road-legal, and sold from reputable dealers and retailers... which brings us to the next aspect of e-bike safety. It's generally very wise not to tamper with your motor, or allow anyone else to, in order to derestrict your bike's motor power and top speed. Obviously this will compromise safety, and there's a chance your bike could end up being carted away by the boys in blue unless you get it licenced and insured: yep, as we've already explained, you technically need a number plate and a moped licence to use e-bikes on public roads if they don't meet the requirements to be an EAPC bike. 

The same goes for batteries: buying cheap e-bike batteries from certain auction websites can end very badly if you don't know where it's come from. Badly made or incorrectly charged e-bike batteries can catch fire which can have devastating consequences, so try to avoid charging your e-bike overnight, only use the charging cable provided and don't be tempted to retrofit very cheap parts to your bike to electrify them. There are plenty of affordable e-bikes out there anyway as you'll find in our top picks above, so it simply isn't worth the risk. 

What is a good first electric bike?

Arguably, the best first electric bike would be one that isn't too expensive. Hence our pick of the best electric bikes under £1000 is such a useful list! This is because an electric bike might not be for you as it may not suit your riding habits or needs. Therefore, it's best not to fork out really big money on something that you aren't sure you'll use or get the most out of (there are plenty of bike shops out there that can offer you a test ride, too). 

In our opinion, purchasing a more affordable bike that meets your needs is sensible to start with. You can always upgrade later. 

Having learnt to ride a bike in order to race age 4, Charlotte is no stranger to life on two wheels. Racing across multiple disciplines over the years, she now focuses her time on road racing. Racing at the UCI continental level with her British based team. Not only that, but Charlotte has many years experience working within the cycling industry alongside her racing endeavours. Therefore, it’s fair to say that anything with two wheels is right up her street.