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Famous last words....

There was I spouting off in this post about how 2010 was starting here and I was about to launch into some training programme or another.

And then "Boom", the Missus gets a cold at the start of last week and despite my best efforts to keep it at bay I have an absolute shocker of a weekend including virtually falling asleep at the table of a family meal on Friday night and sleeping in until after mid-day on Saturday.

I took the decision to keep away from my bike although I hated seeing another weekend chalked up with zero miles in the training diary. Very frustrating.

But now I am going to put my fortune in the hands of the readership in asking, should I start back on the turbo as soon as tonight or should I jog or should I wait another day for the sore throat and groggy head to clear further?

I usually train through colds so it is an indicator of how ill I felt that I didn't this weekend...


All help greatly appreciated team...

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James Warrener | 1086 posts | 13 years ago

30 easy mins on the turbo was the chosen option. With no ill effects I will jog tomorrow.

Thanks for the advice guys.

Jon Burrage | 997 posts | 13 years ago

Id say a slow, gentle jog. It is really cold out down here (Ive just been for a run myself after my commute home) but when I was under the weather last week getting some crisp, fresh air made me feel a whole lot better.

purplecup | 219 posts | 13 years ago

do an easy turbo session, i'd say - get the blood flowing a bit but don't murder yourself

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