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Cancellara... again :)

Fabian Cancellara was again at the heart of the (not) racing...

This piece from last summer was written tongue in cheek (but plenty of readers took it with a straight bat) 


So it was with great interest I saw the pictures of the cancelled Tour of Oman stage. Officially axed due to extreme heat and sandstorms, our man Fabian was centre front organising a strike under a motorway bridge. 

Ok, so the first piece was meant to be humourous, but reading it back I have changed my standpoint to an extent. 

Do I think him cynical for the way he used to neutralise Tour stages when it suited the Schleck brothers? Absolutely. Rain into Liege and Gap is part of the race. 

But I actually think he cares and does feel rider safety is a responsibilty of his as an experience member of the peloton. 

For that he will draw no further criticism from me. 




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