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I caught up with Gavin Strange the busy man behind this new film last Thursday at the 'A Beatiful Machine' inspiration talks at the Howies gallery in Bristol on Good Friday (where also did a talk/conversation/light hearted banter).  The film sets out to capture the spirit of the Bristol fixed gear scene in glorious technicolour and slick edits. It is Gavin's first attempt at a 'proper' production and it isn't quite finished yet but should hopefully be out in the next month or so. Gavin, aka Jam Factory, is the director of the film and a talented creative who works for Aardman Animation so he has some very good help at hand and has promised to produce an intro that equals or betters all intros, taking inspiration from the big production skateboard films (Gav is also a skater). One of my favourite intros is on Yeah Right! video which was directed by Spike Lee (Director of Being John Malkovich). Going by this trailer I think he is going to produce something pretty special and have the Bristol stamp on it. For more info on it click on his website here.

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