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When will the madness end?!

Shocking news from the front line of the war between cyclists and motorists

This latest installment of road rage news comes from the mean streets of Hove, where the following was witnessed just a few days ago.

A cyclist was riding correctly along a main road when suddenly a white van pulled out into his path from a junction to his right, causing the cyclist to brake sharply. The cyclist shook his head and waited for the van to get out of his way.

The van driver wound down his passenger side window and shouted over to the cyclist: “I’m really sorry mate. I just didn’t look before I pulled out.”

The cyclist smiled before replying: “No problem! I know you didn’t do it deliberately.”

Both then proceeded on their way with no further comment.

Merry Christmas!

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HalfWheeler | 8 years ago

I've had people cut me up before but then apologise, not very often though, but I'll always accept the apology.

Carton | 8 years ago

Last time this happened to me was ... yesterday. Going down a cycle lane, cab turned into my path suddenly and stopped as soon as he saw me, still completely blocking the lane. "My bad", said the cab. "That's all right" I countered as I pedaled around.

It looked far worse than it actually was, as I didn't have my fingers on the front brake lever, so I ended up going for an incredibly awkward feet-assisted evading/stopping maneuver.

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