The 'sick in a hedge' chronicles, part... oh, I forget

Ah, hubris. My old friend.

I've entered Red Bull Timelaps. I'm doing it solo. Here's me and Liam talking about the probable outcome of that...

Anyway, my plan was to roll round and just try and keep going, and then finish somewhere in mid-table anonymity. This plan has been scuppered a bit since I learned that Red Bull in their infinite wisdom have only actually allowed 15 people to enter solo, so there's a better shout than usual of rolling in dead last. Ah well.

I am upping my game over the next five weeks though. I'm going to put the miles in and I'm going to make the best job of it that I can. I'll keep you posted.

Dave is a founding father of road.cc, having previously worked on Cycling Plus and What Mountain Bike magazines back in the day. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats.


dave atkinson [6548 posts] 4 months ago

I probably won't get to wear my light-up specs this time around because i'll be taking it all too seriously. Bah.

Organon [402 posts] 4 months ago

What time is second breakfast? [Foolish hobbit!]

peted76 [1664 posts] 4 months ago

Sounds fun  1







ChrisB200SX [1079 posts] 4 months ago

Dave, you are quite the masochist!

Obviously, make sure you are still in good shape for the power hour and ensure you make the most of the hour, take that sensibly and don't try to squeeze in an extra lap... effectively allows you double the number of rest laps  1

The little hills are going to be a struggle after a few hours!

You've got a few weeks to eat really sensibly and prepare your body...

Good luck!