I have always found it odd when wandering around Sainsbury's picking up my high carb, low fat groceries seeing people shopping still wearing there helmet worn to cycle to the supermarket. Now, I sometimes shop on a bike but I always carry tde helmet under my harm or put in the basket out of the way. Bright yellow tops as well look out of place under the bright lights, I would take mine off and put in a bag or something.

Last week I got the train to London and while waiting to leave my seat I saw a chap walking through the carriage wearing his helmet. I assumed he was walking through to collect his bikes but a couple of minutes later I saw heading down the escalator, no bike and still wearing a cycle helmet. Felt like telling him to GET IT OFF!


Tony Farrelly [3008 posts] 10 years ago

I sometimes see a bloke in the Sainsbury's in Bath who walks the aisles wearing his helmet which has one of those little mirrors on a stalk sticking out of the side presumably so he has 360° bargain-vision…

I once got talking to him about it and he told me that he'd been wearing his lid by chance and been involved in a nasty collision with a shopping trolley down by the frozen food aisle and the doctors at the A&E had told him that it had almost definitely saved his life… very hard floors in Sainsburys etc etc… now mirror, signal, manouvre were his watch words when shopping although he'd had to cut the 'signal' bit out after a nasty incident when he'd inadvertantly poked a shelf stacker in the eye … okay, maybe I'm making this bit up, but I bet if I had spoken to him that's what he's have said.


DaSy [872 posts] 10 years ago

..to wear a helmet when walking or shopping, as these are statistically more hazardous than cycling.

I never wear one on the bike, but may start to when shopping from now on, you can't be too careful