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The club ten through my eyes (as promised...)

"You better be putting this on your blog tomorrow" said the time keeper as I was pushed off into my time trial date with destiny last night.

And so, after all I had said about losing the enjoyment of riding against the watch as opposed to sportives and social rides, there I was skin suited up and darting over Helpston Heath whilst sucking my stomach in (for lycra reasons despite losing a stone since Feb).

And you know what, there was something strangely cathartic about the whole experience and by the second circuit, despite some fatigue I was focused and giving my all.

I had committed the cardinal sin of deciding last minute to ride and that meant getting a bike together last minute. My time trial bike has long since been E-bay'ed and it was the turn of the winter bike to get the tri bars bolted on and the best racing wheels slung into the dropouts.

Now I am not saying I am a weakling, but my fiancee has to tighten the screws on the bars for me to stop them moving. She didn't do this for me this week so the bars worked loose after 7 miles of bouncing along.

My gears crunched a bit but settled down as I rode round so I am hopeful that (work permitting) I will be able to get back down there next week and post another time.

Hell I might even try and enter the club 10 champs a week on Sunday!!! 

Time was 26:48 and the craic after the event was brilliant. Good times...

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James Warrener | 14 years ago

It's my Mums birthday this week so I will have to miss out  13

Should be ok for the Sunday 10 though.

Steve Clarke | 14 years ago

Well done Jimmy The Cuckoo... we'd certainly missed you at the Club 10's and look forward to welcoming you back again soon (It's the last one of the year next week)
You didn't do a bad time at all...I was quite impressed!
When you get the chance you ought to try one of Toddy's Sunday Club Runs...they are proving to be quite popular and I'm sure you'd enjoy the steady riding and social aspect.
Keep on riding...
Steve  26

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