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The model of consistency...

Morning all! It has been a while since I reported back on the blog but I can (thankfully report) that I have not been suffering any ill effects after my first club 10 of the season.

Those of you who know me personally will know I am a bit of a stats nerd and am always recording data and routes and training information. My mapmyride data is syndicated to my Twitter account making my rides public and encouraging me to ride more and try harder.

So I was quickly and efficiently able to compare last weeks 10 time to my last appearance around our Helpston course which was in July 2008. Here are the times.

Jul-08 : 26m49s

Aug-09: 26m48s

So from that I can deduce that a winter of training, spring of riding sportives and summer of getting the miles in (2000 of them since Jan 1) has made an improvement to my time trialling of 1 second over ten miles.

Now, the astute amongst you will be thinking that it has probably not been worth all that effort to trim 1 second off a time.

I would agree. But last seasons performance was on the full carbon low pro and this season was on the winter bike with wonky tri-bars.

So despite the stats telling me otherwise I am going to look at the bigger picture and the positive that I am a year older, but getting faster.


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