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A busy couple of hours...

This is the third attempt to write this blog... a crap computer seems determined to stop me from having my say on what was a lovely mornings riding around the Northamptonshire lanes.

I was up and about early this morning and was super motivated following a midweek trip to the Tour of Britain.

Honestly, I think this is the best time of year to go cycling. Of course it is a bit cooler early in the day but when it is hazy sunshine like this morning and the trees are changing to a golden colour you can really enjoy your cycling. Most of the seasons objectives are now behind you and you can relax and ride for the pleasure of it.

The early miles weren't full of drama, it all started on the ridge out the back of Hamerton where I cycled up to a couple preparing for a Lands End to John O'Groats assault.

It was great to see such enthusiatic riders with a passion for the sport. The chat was pleasant as we cycled on for a couple of miles before I headed back towards Winwick.

Sadly as we were saying our good byes and parting a rider in full Caisse D'Epange kit came roaring past us without so much as a hello.

I am all for more people cycling and the sport developing. But there are certain pieces of etiquette that exist in cycling regarding sprinting past other people on the road without a greeting. Its rude and it left the couple and me looking at each other flicking our eyebrows.

As I made my way back through the Giddings and Glattons I was beginning to feel 'leggy'. I was keen to ride the climbs on the big ring and give myself a proper workout. This was beginning to hurt !

The next point of interest came at Holme railway crossing. There were a large number of cars and people about, and I wondered if they were there to see me ride past!! Their proximity to the gates and the track made me realise I wasn't big time enough to draw a crowd!

As I cycled home parallel to the line I got to see what the excitement was about.  A really old looking vintage steam train came past heading north. It was really chugging and chucking out the smoke but what a marvellous site. I am no train spotter but it was nice to see a bit of history and culture illuminate a fenland drove.

As I arrived back in Yaxley past the football ground, I was delighted to see the team and supporters coach heading out to Felixstowe for an FA vase match. If I have been on top of my training I would have been keen to go to the match. As it happens Yaxley lost 2-1.

If this is to be the last weekend before I get the best bike put away for the winter then it is off to a good start.

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demoff | 14 years ago

There is always someone who will give you the Blankety Blank stare they must think it makes them look cool to go with their replica kit.

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