Annoying noises from your bike can ruin a ride and be a sign of something more sinister here's how to find and fix what's causing the problem

Many's the cyclist who has been driven to distraction by a super-irritating creak or squeak emanating somewhere from their bike. On a long ride it can turn in to torture partiucularly because it can be frustratingly hard to figure out which bit of the bike is actually making it – often the sound isn't coming from where you think it is. 

In the sixth of our cycle maintenance videos Cycle Surgery chief mechanic, Andrew Brown talks us through how to track down many of the most common causes of these uncalled for creaks and squeaks and most importantly shows you how to fix them once found.

The whole series of our bike maintenance videos is available now on Youtube to help you get to grips with the essentials of keeping your bike running efficiently all year round. 

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