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Canyon's limited edition Aeroad CFR Cosmos is taking your ride into new spheres

This bike and its intergalactic paint job boasts next-level stiffness-to-weight, style and speed according to Canyon...

Canyon has teased us with this dreamy new Aeroad CFR Cosmos on its social media, and well, it's certainly an aero road bike that many of us will and can only dream about. It's equipped with top-of-the-range components, a one-of-a-kind paint job and a price tag that elevates it into the realm of dream bike for mere enthusiasts.

The most eye-catching feature of this cosmic Aeroad CFR is its finish. The shimmering highlights against a deep-space backdrop change their appearance depending on the light, and the overall premium finish that is reserved for the top CFR bike finishes everything off. This is one of those paints that although very striking, are classy and subtle at the same time. 

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2023 Canyon Aeroad CFR Cosmos bike at bedtime5

Simplicity continues at the cockpit, where everything has been hidden in the integrated one-piece handlebar and stem setup. Canyon says this only offers a clutter-free appearance but also reduces drag at the same time. With the CP0018 Aerocockpit you can adjust the width and height without cutting anything and it gives you a very low, aggressive riding position. 

The fork is also aero-optimised, and the bike is rolling on the latest-generation ARC road wheels from DT Swiss. These lightweight, tubeless, 62 mm deep rims boast outstanding aerodynamics which promise you a competitive advantage – at least if you believe that aero wheels are worth it. The 20mm wide rims are wrapped in Continental GP5000S TR tyres in 25mm width.  

2023 Canyon Aeroad CFR Cosmos bike at bedtime7

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The rest of the components are top-tier as well; the groupset is a 12-speed Dura-Ace Di2 R9250 and the saddle is 3D printed Selle Italia SLR Boost 3D KIT Carbonio Superflow. 

2023 Canyon Aeroad CFR Cosmos bike at bedtime4

With all this, Canyon says this bike weighs 7.48 kg. And all of this can be yours for 'just' £9,249! 

Let us know what you think of this cosmic bike in the comments, and make sure to check out our other Bike at Bedtime features here.

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Sredlums | 7 months ago

Limited edition!
That's insider talk for 'more expensive than it should be'.

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