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Exclusive Bianchi Reparto Corse Specialissima frameset - a true collector's item

This Bike at Bedtime gives you the hint of celeste that every collector needs - and your order is completed with a coffee table book

Bianchi has introduced its Specialissima Pro Racing Team frameset, one that is made to provide the fans with a “work of art expertly prepared by the Bianchi Reparto Corse”. Even though it comes with a 4,499€ price tag, Bianchi says this beauty of a bike is also intended for real outdoor road use. 

Let’s have a closer look at what makes this frameset special… 


The Specialissima has been part of Bianchi’s lineup for ages, and it’s always represented the pinnacle of the Italian brand’s engineering and design development.

Last year, we saw Bianchi enter the WorldTour sponsoring team Arkéa–Samsic, and the lightweight Specialissima has been used by the pros to propel up those mountain passes. Now, this top race bike is available in a special colourway and finishing kit, all made by Bianchi’s race-specialising Reparto Corse engineering department.

Bianchi Specialissima review

Available as a frameset only, the Specialissima Pro Racing Team is a climber's dream bike frame that tips the scales at 750g in a size 55. The classic frame features Countervail (integrated frame material that Bianchi uses in its carbon fibre bikes to improve comfort) carbon layup – promising pro-level stiffness, ultralight weight, and comfort.

Bianchi says the frame is stiff enough for WorldTour riders and allows it to “attack on climbs and dominate on descents”. ​


There are small aero aspects added, fully-internal cable routing through a 1.5” FSA ACR headset including the front brake through the steerer and a classic 27.2mm seatpost. Finished with a PressFit BB86 bottom bracket, flat mount disc brakes and 12mm thru-axles this bike is very classic looking with no dropped seat stays or unique tube shapes - unlike Bianchi’s controversial, very aero Oltre RC that we saw last year. 

Even though Bianchi says its design team has “conceived an exciting graphic design for the Specialissima Pro Racing Team” we can all see that it isn't going all out artsy with the design. 

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Each frame is handpainted in Italy and features the same geometric accents and of course, a hint of Bianchi’s iconic celeste colourway. The anthracite grey and celeste frame is the lightest, or if you’d rather go for a full celeste colourway, there are Specialissima models available for you too, if you can tolerate an 80g weight penalty.

On the fork, there is a Reparto Corse signature and the "Pro Racing Team" logo is painted on the seat tube.

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The Specialissima Pro Racing Team is available in seven sizes ranging from 470 to 610. The bike is up on Bianchi's website and with your order, you also get an exclusive Specialissima Pro Racing Team brochure Our Casa Bianchi coffee table book.

What do you think of this frameset and how would you like to build yours up? 

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wycombewheeler | 1 year ago


“conceived an exciting graphic design for the Specialissima Pro Racing Team” 

it's black .....and celeste.

Hard a step into te void for Bianchi

Off the back | 1 year ago

"Last year, we saw Bianchi enter the WorldTour sponsoring team Arkéa–Samsic and the lightweight Specialissima has been used by the pros to propel up those mountain passes"

It's a shame turn that even when Rogic and TJV had it at their disposal they 100% of the time stuck with the Oltre. It's a beautiful bike and I've owned a few Celeste Bisnchis over the years but it's not up to the standard of other road tour bikes. It's a bit like Specialized's Aethos. It's a very nice ultra light bike but it's not to be found under a GT hopeful any time soon because it's not aero and in the 2020's aero is king 

philsinclair replied to Off the back | 1 year ago

Christian Rodriquez (no.176) was riding a Specialissima in yesterday's Tirreno-Adriatico.

Off the back replied to philsinclair | 1 year ago

Maybe so, but when one of the best current riders and GT winner shunned it for the Oltre a few years ago i dont see any huge design changes to make it better. This year the aero Bianchi is a monstrosity which only shows they have made it a less capable climber. The Old Oltre was built in the sane ethos as Pinarellos Dogma. 

Chimpilo | 1 year ago
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Beautiful bike,only problem is , its not made in italy , only painted there.

So hard to justify european money for a chinese bike.

BIRMINGHAMisaDUMP replied to Chimpilo | 1 year ago
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Taiwan - which obvioulsy the Taiwanese would say is NOT China.

And anyway - (from 2021)

'The new site (in Italy) will employ over 250 people, with the project hoping to revitalise one of northern Italy’s traditional industrial heartlands by resituating most of Bianchi’s carbon-fibre frame production on Italian soil. The company hopes to increase its Italy-based production from 250 bikes a day to over 1,000 units each shift.

Earlier this year Scalzotto claimed it was “now or never” when it came to returning control of the manufacturing process to Italy, as logistical disruptions due to Covid-19 and the US-China trade war saw order times extended to between 500 and 700 days. It's something fellow Italian bike brand 3T has also done, announcing back in June that it was moving its carbon frame manufacturing in-house. 

NOtotheEU replied to BIRMINGHAMisaDUMP | 1 year ago


Taiwan - which obviously the Taiwanese would say is NOT China

Technically they are both China, the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China. 

Most (but not all) people from the Republic of China call themselves Taiwanese but there are people who believe they are the one true China.

Mybike replied to Chimpilo | 1 year ago

Was it hard to justify spending European money when you bought your made in China phone.

wycombewheeler replied to Mybike | 1 year ago

Mybike wrote:

Was it hard to justify spending European money when you bought your made in China phone.

I wonder if  Chimpilo was more complaing about european prices for a taiwanese frame, rather than worrying about the balance of trade deficit.

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