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Video: Gravel race bike shootout! 3T Exploro Ultra vs Lauf Seigla

Big tyres and suspension or aero gainz: which would you choose?

If you're in the market for a new gravel race bike, then the Lauf Seigla and 3T Exploro Ultra are a couple that are probably on your list. But which should you choose?

2022 lauf seigla hero

Lauf's Seigla (Pronounced “Say-Gla”) is an evolution of their True Grit gravel bike, and packs in not only Lauf's leaf-sprung suspension for but enough space for proper 29" mountain bike tyres. Sister site was lucky enough to get invited out to Iceland to have a go on the Seigla and you can read a first ride report here.

3T Exploro Ultra Levante

3T's Exploro Ultra, similiarly, is an evolution, a bike that 3T has called the “most extreme aero gravel bike yet”. There is optimisation for wider tyres, a wider downtube, and new fork leg spacing. Everything is designed to redirect the airflow coming off a large front gravel tyre. You can read about the launch here.

These are both bikes designed to go fast: you don't get many mounts for stuff, and both are very light for a gravel bike. But they're coming at the same problem – going fast off road – from different standpoints, so which should you choose if you're looking to up your gravel racing game? Watch the vid to find out!


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