New Wheels Rant

An old adage goes: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."...... As you'll see below, I don't strictly hold with this way of thinking.

I am currently undergoing an emotional dilemma, the bubbly nervous euphoria of having spent money on something shiny, tempered with the stormy frustration of knowing that I've already got one. Only it doesn't work (because, admittedly, of my own stupidity). But, should be easily repairable if only the world's biggest manufacturer / distributer of bike parts could manage to deliver an order in less than three and a half months (and bl**dy counting)!

Yes, Madison Cycles, I'm talking about you! I only wanted six spokes! I have tried every bike shop online or otherwise that I can find, and they all source their parts through you. My LBS has had these on order with you for well over three months! Are you shipping them over from Japan by bicycle? Caravanserai? Dirigible?

The wheel was still rideable until last week, when one of the spokes snapped. Now I've bought a new, similar wheelset.

Any other fools have trouble like this from these fools? Or is this fool the only fool? Pity the fool! Crazy fool!

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