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Should good cyclists do more to stop bad cyclists

I'm a regular cycle commuter in London and like everyone else, I witness bad, inconsiderate and sometimes dangerous cycling of others on a regular basis. Typical examples such as cycling through red lights, dangerous manoeuvres, not generally looking before turning and cycling fast down pedestrianised areas. I'm talking about 5% of cyclists here who out and out think they're above the rules of the road or just don't care for them, not the other 95% who cycle respectfully with due care and attention like i imagine probably most people who venture on this website do.

As we all know, rightly or wrongly the 5% fuel the negative and misconstrued views towards cycling .

Is it time the responsible cyclists stood up to the bad cyclists? Actually tell them what they're doing is detrimental for the rest of us. I know its not our responsibility to do this, but i see these morons flying through red lights and pedestrian crossings and get away with it. Maybe if the other cyclists who witness this actually tell them its not cool or call them a "red light dodging w******r" then maybe some of them would stop and help pave way for better cycling/car relations.

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