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Should retailers accept returns on bibshorts?

So after extensive research I purchased a pair of Castelli Nanoflex bibs from Wiggle, paying strict attention to the size guide. They are rated 4.4/5 on Wiggle's site, and the only 'fit' problems raised are with length.

Tried them on in the privacy of my own home, looked good, felt good, all OK. No bunching anywhere, feel snug whilst not restrictive, etc etc.

Go out on a ride, and within 20 miles, it feels like I'm sitting on a rolled-up sock. After 40 miles, I genuinely had to check I had them on the right way around (correct).

Get home, give them a good wash, all seams/pad seem correct and accounted for.

Return them to Wiggle for a refund, and they say:

"We have received back your Castelli Nanoflex Bibshorts you would like us to refund due to the item not fitting. All customers have the opportunity to try on goods when they first receive them to check the fit and size of the item before using them. We hope you can appreciate that we have to follow our own returns procedure to ensure that we only sell goods in the best possible condition, we don't sell used goods so we cannot accept back used goods. All returned goods must be returned to us unused in there original packaging and labels Unfortunately sizing issues are not a manufacturing fault therefore are not covered by warranty, due to this we are only able to return this item back to you"

Now I ride about 5,000 miles a year. I have never had a saddle sore. I have never had any kind of issue in the nether department. Be it wearing normal. knicks or full-length bibs, waistband shorts or MTB baggies with a pad.

Should a retailer have to honour a return where the customer has done everything they could to ensure it was a quality product, the right size, the correct fit, used correctly - and yet the product is simply not fit for purpose?

Aside from Wiggle's stupidity at potentially losing for life a customer who spends about £500 a year on stuff over an item they probably made £10 margin on, can I actually go them in a small claims court under the distance selling regs?

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