“Wearing a helmet saved my son’s life” – these are the words of a mother who's backing our summer cycle safety message.

It follows the deaths of two cyclists in Sussex already this month. That’s two too many in our opinion.

In light of this, we’re urging all road users to ‘think bike’

As some of the commenters below have said already, there seems to be plenty of evidence to suggest compulsory helmet wearing does naff all to increase safety... also what have the two deaths got to do with the photo in question? Might have helped in that instance, but I doubt would have prevented the deaths! Seems a bit of a muddled message from the coppers.  





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I'm guessing that you're not married.

Nearly 18 years.

My wife knows that I am far better versed on this topic than she is and that it is a waste of time arguing with me about it; though I always acknowledge her and others' concern. She respects that it is my considered choice and not merely a stubborn refusal to bow to convention or pressure. I would take offence at being told what to do in the manner described by brooksby, however well intentioned.

In the wider context I find that the people with the most firmly held beliefs are invariably the least informed, whether it is about helmets, chain lube, pedals, immigration, politics, religion etc etc. As time goes by I am less and less willing to engage with narrow-minded people that refuse to acknowledge another point of view. My time is better spent doing something else.

Fancy doing a trade?

Hey, that's not fair! I wanted to!! (I've known my wife for 25 years, been married for 15, and in all that time I have never ever managed to win an argument, never made her change her mind on something she already thought... EVER.)

Been going out with my wife for 23 years, married for 16. She does a bit of cycling and often cycles to work, but I suspect it's mainly out of her hatred of driving through Bristol traffic. She will not be convinced about bike helmets, so I wear one to keep her happy/quiet.

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Yorkshire wallet wrote:

Still in two minds about helmet use. Been using a cotton cap all week as I just sort of felt like it but this weekend I'm off on a climbing route and I'll probably hit 50 on the downhills so I guess I'll put the helmet on. 

My mate has spent two weeks in a coma after a helmetless accident but he still won't wear one so I guess once you've really made your mind up there's no changing. 

At 50mph a helmet aint goig to do dick if your head hits a solid object, this is a plain and simple fact, what it will do is lure some into doing higher speeds when it isn't safe to do so/take more risks on descents etc and thus why helmet wearers crash more often and have more injuries and from that why increases in helmet wearing do not equate to lowered injury/death rates. 

The logic of I'll wear a helmet for higher risk cycling is bonkers, it simply does not add up, not when the helmet itself is incapable of preventing hardly any of the forces involved when doing those riskier/higher speed types of riding.

I've been hitting 40+mph almost every weekend since the late 80s, I don't see how wearing a helmet is going to make me safer when in the professional (and indeed amateur) ranks all it has done is increase crashes, injuries and deaths. 

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Given the 160,000 hospital admissions every year for serious head injuries (so more actual serious head injuries as not all will be admitted) from the 1.3million reported, the number of cycling related serious head injuries is minute (roughly 800) BUT with helmet wearing increases since circa 2005 has gone up not down. The vast majority of those serious head injuries will be at speed and/or involving an at fault motorist. None of which a helmet is designed to protect much against.

I'd suggest people deciding to wear a helmet at all or for so called 'risky' cycling have a good hard think about the relative risks given the numbers, people everywhere are seemingly incapable of assessing actual risk even when presented with hard facts.

Again, more children die in motorvehicles solely of a head injury in England and wales alone than the total number of child cyclists by all types of injuries in the whole of the UK. More children die of head injuries in many other activities in life solely of head injury in the UK, such as playgrounds.

When are we going to protect our children in these scenarios, when are we going to get the police to start telling parents to put a helmet on their childs head for the school car run and/or for walking/playing in the playground. After all not just one life saved but many according to the statistics.

Surely it is socially irresponsible of the police and auhtorities to not force helmet wearing for all these children and indeed adults given the number of serious head injuries suffered that far, far exceed those of people on bikes DESPITE the piss poor driving that the police allow to happen and the massive weapon used by motorists.

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nextSibling wrote:

The only way to know if a "helmet saved my life" would be to have exactly the same crash twice, once with a helmet and once without.

it doesn't have to be a crash. You could drop a kerbstone on someone's head from 1.5 metres.

You have to do the first part of the experiment when they're wearing the helmet. You may not get the opportunity to run the second part.