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Why women don't cycle?

Did you know that 75% of cyclists are male? 

Cycling provides an opportunity to substitute the car for a healthier option. It doesn't require fuel, it contributes to an active healthy lifestyle, and saves reduces the huge air pollution problem in the UK.

I am trying to investigate why the gender imbalance exists in cycling in the UK, as in countries such as Germany and The Netherlands women cycle as much as men; furthermore, cycling is a popular mode of transport in these countries.

So what do you think are the main reasons behind this? Some contributing factors that have emerged in my research are;

Harrasment (verbal abuse, funny looks, sexual harrasment)
Lack of confidence
Fear of traffic
Not wanting to break a sweat / potentially mess your hair etc
Lack of cycle lanes
Not knowing enough about bicycle maintence
Bikes are too expensive, not sure where to get a 2nd hand one

Would love to hear your views, please feel free to reply, the more detail the better!

Hopefully my research can contribute to achieving a gender parity in UK cycling!

Best wishes,

University of Manchester

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