Rear wheel alignment advice please

I have a Pinnacle Arkose 2016 which I bought on the cycle to work scheme.  I have put about 6k on it and ride on and off road.  I have a set of Hunt 4 season wheels as well as the originals so I can have a set with road tyres and a set with off road tyres.  It was when I had the off road tyres on that I noticed that the rear wheel was out of alignment.  

I realigned the rear wheel and checked the quick release and it seemed tight enough, certainly as tight as I have had them on any other bike but the wheel still went out of alignment.


I’ve been to Evans twice with each set of wheels.  The first time they said that the quick release wasn’t tight enough and swapped it for a Shimano one (on my off road wheels).  The second time to kept the bike over the weekend and called Pinnacle, who apparently said it was down to the quick release drop out combination, and they had tried another quick release and it they couldn’t get it to move, they gave me back my old (Hunt) quick release. 

All seemed ok but I’ve just move back to my off road set of wheels and the Shimano quick release and I noticed that the wheel has move again can’t seem to turn the adjuster which now seems to be locked.      


The last bit of information is that the wheel moves out of alignment to the left (near side – non gear side – brake side) every time and seems to move by the same amount.

I’ve had bikes with vertical dropouts for years and never had any issues.  So my question is it normal that you need to tighten the quick release to a stage where you can barely lock them or do people think there may be something wrong with my vertical drop outs?  

Any advice or recommendations welcome.

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