Canyon have updated their Grail range already but across the range the bikes are all 200g heavier. I can't seem to work out why. What am I missing?

I'm comparing between old & new 105 and Ultegra models. Sram is new for 2019. All the spec looks the same with the exception of tan walled Schwalbes. Have they changed the frame, or even their famed 'hover bar'?


Xenophon2 [112 posts] 9 months ago
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brettoau wrote:

Ordered mid August as soon as the 2019 models went on sale for a mid Nov delivery. Delayed 3 times already with the estimated dates just passing with no contact. CC was finally billed so I thought it must be close to shipping, but now estimated date has gone out to mid March... Not keen on the giant revolt, so may just buy a new road bike instead.


Shockingly bad customer service and communication.  At the very least they owe you an explanation and an apology.  Were I in your shoes, I'd probably have cancelled by now.  I'm sure it's a very fine bike (well, I have one on order after all) but some of the competition I'm sure are also fine and have the benefit of being available right now, not as last year's model at this year's price.  We'll see how it goes but if I catch even the whiff of a possibility of delays that would mean I won't have it by spring, cancel the order I will, then I'll don the hair shirt, put ashes on my head and trek to my local bike pusher for relief.

Xenophon2 [112 posts] 8 months ago
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Yay, received the bike last friday!  All good, assembly was easy but I'd recommend taking a look at their Youtube vid of 'Grail unboxing' rather than reading their brick of a manual that's not model specific (good luck with finding out how to tension the seatpost reading their bible).  Happy to say that their sizing tool is spot on, I was worried that a size M would be too small for my 182 cm but it's actually perfect.  Will post a review once the new toy syndrome has worn off.

longassballs [147 posts] 8 months ago

How's the ride?

Getting serious second thoughts, especially after the cx worlds at a weekend. Would an Inflite be enough bike for me? I really don't know

brettoau [5 posts] 8 months ago
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I got sick of the constant delays and cancelled my Grail order. 

Now seriously looking at the Giant Revolt Advanced 0 2019 which is in stock at my local dealer. Then I would put some compass 700x44c tyres on it - https://www.compasscycle.com/shop/components/tires/700c/compass-700c-x-4...

longassballs [147 posts] 6 months ago

Grail was delivered finally on Tuesday. Scratched/damaged around the lip where the top cap fastens down on the stem part of the cockpit.

Messaged Canyon immediately before I even finished unpacking. They offered me £35 compensation, or £45 in their online shop. Refused saying I either wanted them to collect the bike to fit a new cockpit or a replacement bike. Helpfully Canyon replied that they would exchange my bike - by giving me a full refund and then advising me to purchase a different model of Grail or an Inflite as the model I had wouldn't be available until July. In other words give me my money back then order a bike as a new customer!

Originally ordered the bike in Sept 18 for delivery in Jan. I would now be last in the queue behind the guy who ordered 1 minute ago who hasn't even paid yet.

I await their next reply

Xenophon2 [112 posts] 6 months ago
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I've got about 1600 km (1k miles) on it now, use it also for my daily commute.  First impression is good, you get a lot of bike for the cash with Canyon, easily 500-1000 euro more than with the other brands imho.

First about the cockpit and the double-decker handle bar.  Good news is that it works...sort of.  It does dampen vibration and road buzz but only when riding on the tops, which (for me) is only about 5% of the time, if that.  Trouble is that you don't have ready access to the brakes and less control.  I can imagine it would make a real difference on the sort of gravel they have in the States, with long stretches of washboard without major bumps/potholes and not too much traffic.  The dampening effect pales in comparison with the dampening that you get from the seatpost (excellent) and what you get from judicious adjustment of tyre pressure though.  Frankly, I'm not convinced that the marginal gains of the hover bar compensate for the severe limitiations it imposes (zero adjustability, impossible to pick your own components etc).  I could be wrong but I don't think Canyon will continue for very long with it.  They should also tidy up the cable routing a bit.

The frame geometry is a bit of a mixed bag:  I found it to be very stiff and road-bike oriented but a bit less sharp handling, which can be either a very good (holds its line very well, extremely stable) or a bad thing if you like a sprightly bike.  It's essentially an endurance bike in its ride behaviour but almost a race bike in its geometry and stiffness (and also, should you fit 28 mm tyres, in the way it transfers shocks).  The ride behaviour might have something to do with the tyres too, I've got the stock Schwalbes under it, going to swap them out for the Compass Barlow Pass.  The Schwalbes are good but I don't like the noise they make at speed on tarmac and have the feeling they somehow make the bike more unwieldy.

The only other bike I can usefully compare it to  would be the Scott addict gravel 10.  Stiffness-wise it's about the same (which is saying something) but the Scott handles more aggressively/lively, to the point that it becomes too much of a good thing on trails.  The Scott also costs 6K Euro compared to the 2.8 k of the Grail (or the 4k for the CF 8SLX in 1x), huge hat tip to Canyon for that.  I'd guess that the Scott addict 20 comes closer, price-wise but I haven't ridden it.

So, would I purchase the Grail again?  Probably yes, firstly because the size M fits my 1.82 m frame very well and second because it's almost impossible to beat, value-wise.  I think the Grail's a good bike if you mainly ride tarmac (potholed or not) and like relaxed handling.  For hardcore trail/off road riders I think it's too much road bike, for speed freaks who like riding on the edge it's too lazy.  Were it not for the 3k price difference, I'd probably go with the Scott addict 10.  If you want to stay with Canyon and don't absolutely need the possibility to mount mudguards/luggage nor tyres >33mm then perhaps the Inflite could be a good alternative.





Huckfinn [88 posts] 2 months ago

Received my Grail C.F SL 8.0 about a week ago and did so far about 120km.

The coolest bike around, at least aesthetically.

I'd like some advice, if possible, from Grail owners:

-Possible to swap the 11/34 for an 11/36 cassette? (think yes, but just to be sure..)

-Would it take a WTB Riddler 700/45 tyre? (which is apparently 44mm wide)

-What if I get an extra spacer for the handlebar: would I be able to stick it in?

-What kind of support for a Garmin or similar GPS can one install?