What are some models you know that fits this+ are under 11kg in weight,preferable under 10kg.
have good quality components (at least Tiagra/Deore equivalent ) comes with decent wheels (not super-duper pro stuff ,but just decent enough)
+ are able to take 40mm tyre + still have some clearance, Do not want suspension as It's just more clunky stuff that I have to carry around.

Basically a good component light-weight flat-bar gravel bike  4

Do not have a set budget. ( Ok max 700 for Used-Mint one,could just as well spend 200 if I can  4 )  Want to see if I can find something decent used-but not sure which models are like that and has ability to take the larger tyres, Do not want a large clunky MTB frame.

Something like this Cube SL Road looks pretty gut (seems like can take larger tyres+comes with decent components)

What other models would you recommend?


CXR94Di2 [2584 posts] 8 months ago

This bike seems to cover your requirments.  The photos would indicate it could take 40mm if not 38mm tubeless tyres.


BehindTheBikesheds [3153 posts] 8 months ago

Specialized Sirrus, Giant Escape, Marin Fairfax, Trek FX series are a few that fit your needs, pretty much most decent spec hybrids will fit the bill.

If you fancy spending a bit more you could look out for a carbon hybrid like the Sirrus Pro Carbon, I have a 2010 model I bought NOS last year, builds into a 7.5kg bike and takes 40mm easily WITH mudguards. Mine is v-brake but there are som elater models with discs.

They come up on fleabay from time to time and go for silly money comapred to retail

Romanremus [5 posts] 8 months ago

Boardman hybrid pro is a lovely flat bar machine. Hydraulic disc. Light frame. I'd still be riding mine but moved onto road bike.

johnvrcc [20 posts] 8 months ago

I'd highly recommend the Voodoo Marasa from Halfords, depending on how important weight is to you. I've used it for MTB trails and Ride London (100 miles) and the odd 70 miles per day commute, with no problems. I rarely use mine because I commute more regularly now (45+ miles per day and quite hilly) so weight and drop bars etc became more important and I got a proper road bike. Voodoo was around £300, and my canyon was £1800. Six times the price just to get something lighter and with drop bars  2