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'Accessory Bar' recommendations?

So I've got a Garmin, two lights and now have fitted an 'out front' mount for my iPhone.  To accomodate that, I had to move the Garmin mount (which is also 'out front') a couple of inches to the left.  This means that when the Edge is actually on the bars, I can't ride with my left hand on the top of the bars. 

(why does 'out front' not actually mean 'longer than 2 cm'?)

Also, to get the two Cateye front lights out of the way, they're slung under the bars, which means than when an Apidura bag goes on there, they're going to be obscured.  

I know that an accessory bar is sort of anathema where a lightweight road bike is concerned, but I need one.  Can someone recommend a very lightweight one? 


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