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Modern cars are rubbish (for cyclists and pedestrians)

Had the pleasure of driving a Merc C-Class over the weekend. I say drive but it was little more than turn the wheel every once in a while for 500 miles. So many buttons, so much automation, so much to distract you.

The only redeeming feature was that the ride was fantastic and the seats extremely comfortable.

Visibility was atrocious - privacy glass for the rear windows and windscreen, and huge A & B pillars. B pillar and roof line in particular was so badly-placed relative to the driver that it was almost impossible to see clearly when turning right from a side road. It was also possible to set the driving position so low that I could barely see above the belt-line, and I'm almost 6 foot. Made it tricky to judge gaps and passing distances relative to parked cars. I've also worked out why you see cars with gouges in rear doors - reversing cameras only deal with the back of the car, not the sides.

From a safety perspective I liked using the speed limiter (important, because it was so quiet you had very little idea of how fast you were wafting along) but I'd imagine it just encourages drivers to drive at the posted limit all the time, rather than considering road conditions. No other active/passive safety features on this particular car because it was a hire car.

It seems that manufacturers are effectively selling an interior/lifestyle choice rather than a driving tool these days, the car was completely uninvolving to drive, even on Sport+ mode (firmer suspension plus comedy throttle blips as you roll up to stop lines FFS)

On the plus side I now have absolutely no desire to own such a technological marvel.

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