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Ribble Cycles - A dissapointing end to 2018 and poor start to 2019

Ribble Cycles has had a reputation for excellent cycles supplied with expert advice and production. 

Unfortunately I chose them as a cycle to work scheme partner because of this reputation to discover that the company's culture has changed in the last few years. (Ribble Cycles, a True Capital portfolio company)

Now we have an experience that is very Sales & Marketing biased and has no means to back up the order to delivery commitments.

The website has be updated to imitate an 'app' experience which may well be attractive to use on a mobile device, but totally detracts from the excellent previous levels of selections that the old bikebuilder offered.

This website has caused several different stock statuses on the new line of bikes (CGR AL & SL) during the order process due to IT errors I am told, which has resulted in a pre-order status that could not be even met after that argument was gone. Their supply chain is empty and bikes ordered in September & October '18 are still not being built in January '19, let alone being delivered.

Several Customers have taken to asking questions each time new Facebook posts are put up by the Ribble team, promoting their new products, but the responses are hollow promises to get other team members to get in touch, pm's are requested but no responses given.

Now posts are being deleted to try and quel the disappointment.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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