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Looking for the LOUDEST rear wheel / hub.

Greetings and salutations!

I have searched all over Google but most of the answers to this question are now pretty dated.

I do lots of my riding (or 'cycling', as we used to call it) through a fairly busy city.  I try to be as respectful as possible to the many pedestrians BUT I regularly get people suddenly stepping out in front of me.  I do have a bell attached but dinging that constantly like a maniac is exhausting - and would rightfully lead to me being attacked or mistaken for a tram.

So, jah - does anybody have any recommendations for an extremely loud rear hub?  I need to buy a new wheelset as my old Fulcrum Quattro set are badly worn so I'm happy to go the whole hog and buy a whole wheel, if need be.

I used to have a Halo Clickster freewheel on an old singlespeed  - anything near to that type of volume would be excellent.  Never any troubles with unsuspecting pedestrians as you could hear the bike from a mile away.



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