Decided to drive out to Girona this summer for a week.  Have 'reserved' a nice apartment in Banyoles (just up the road) as a starter (bit of outdoor roof space, parking etc).  Would I be better off in Girona itself; talking to people, it's quite small with narrow streets so finding a comparable place to stay could be difficult and, potentially, more expensive?

Went on the Col Collective website and there were a few videos of great rides in that area; guess Rocacorba might have to be the 'climb of the week'.

Does Spain do a comparable (to the UK) OS map for route planning; quite like a paper map that you can spread out and get a good overview.

Anything else to note, or be aware of in that area?


massivecompacthalo [43 posts] 3 months ago

Banyoles is a great location for pure cycling. Girona is a great location for after ride activities.

You can buy maps of 'Comarques', equivalent of counties, that are similar to OS maps.

But the riding around Banyoles is stunning. Must-do routes include the 2 climbs up to Mare de Deu del Mont both HC climbs, the top 6kms or so is the same and the views at the top breathtaking; Castellfollit la Roca to Oix, Beget and Camprodon; Vallter 2000 and even over into France. You can also access La Garottxa region which is also super awesome cycling, for a brutal HC climb, check out Collfred.


SellMatt [26 posts] 3 months ago

If you want a place that is exciting, full of history, bars, restaurants, the odd pro rider milling about plus access to great cycling in all directions dont stay in Banyoles

don simon fbpe [2989 posts] 3 months ago

If it's maps that you're after, you need to have a look here, http://centrodedescargas.cnig.es/CentroDescargas/index.jsp for the maps you want and ordinarily buy from http://tiendaverde.es/, but the website is down.

richliv [14 posts] 1 month ago

@massivecompacthalo  +1 for that. From Banyoles/Olot, I would consider also the wonderful route to near Figueras and then Darnius (but via small roads) up to Coustouge at the French border after which you can go up through the Vallespir and come back to Camprodon via the Col D'Ares, then back to Banyoles/Olot on a pretty fast road via the Col Capsacosta (which itself is a joy). It's about 100 miles round. I've done it a few times from France and it's very picturesque.