Just a heads up on this IKEA backpack - I reckon this is a great commuter option.


Still available in store in the UK but looks like it's end of line - there's a black version that's potentially less optimal (looks less waterproof) but still a current product

Why is it good? 

Hidden shoe compartment - completely separate from main compartment. Once you've had a shoe compartment in a bag you'll wonder how you've ever done without one. Can't understate the usefulness, particularly where cycling shoes are concerned.

Side load laptop sleeve - will take a 15" laptop no problem

Side or top load main compartment

Front zipped pocket with key loop and organiser pockets

Roll down closure (like panniers)

Synthetic rubber and polyester

Huge (35l)

It looks like it will be waterproof - certainly the zips on the main compartment look to be, plus it's a rolltop. 

Bright colours may be an advantage but equally you can go with the black.


Very comfy straps including a waist strap (which, if you're an average height bloke, will probably act more like a sternum strap on a bike)

It's also going to work as an airline carry on if you don't overpack it. Packing cubes would certainly help here.

You'll easily get a weeks worth of shirts and underwear to work in this and the rectangular base gives just enough structure to hold shirts flat and reduce creasing.

Oh and how much? £29! Sorely tempted to go and buy another. 



harragan [272 posts] 3 months ago

It's not very aero.

Chougher [12 posts] 3 months ago

35 litres? What am I supposed to be carrying in there?!

BehindTheBikesheds [3236 posts] 3 months ago

I bought a 'Jeep' rucksack 2017 that I use occasionally on the bike when visiting my folks on the train in addition to the panniers so it's only the 5.5 miles to the station and 4 miles from the station to maters.

it'll take an 18" laptop plus extras in the main section, has a big enough space to take a pair of shoes in the seperate compartment in front of that and has two smaller zipped compartments also. it cost me £15, it has a proper padded back for comfort, the straps are padded and there's a waist strap too.

Sorry but the IKEA bag is inferior by comparison IMO and overly expensive for what it is.

Mine's not quite like this (it's bigger) but for occasional trips with the bike over short journeys in lieu of panniers, £8 can get you a decent bag for the money https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jeep-Laptop-Backpack-Years-Warranty/dp/B00E2T91...

Jetmans Dad [178 posts] 3 months ago
Chougher wrote:

35 litres? What am I supposed to be carrying in there?!

I am a teacher. Anything less than 30L is a complete dead loss for cycling in to school given I generally have folders, marked work, work to mark etc. etc. going in both directions, in addition to fresh shirts and so on. 

Currently in need of a new rucksack, and this looks like it might do the job very nicely. 

Legs_Eleven_Wor... [689 posts] 3 months ago

I can recommend the Osprey Escapist 32.   I don't know if '32' is the capacity in litres, but if it is, then that is more than enough for laptop (pluskeyboard, mouse and cables), change of clothes ( clean clothes for the day, plus spare pair of lycra shorts, leggings and full gloves), two telephones, tools and then various sundries like sunglasses, hand cream, bluetooth earphones, spare USB power pack etc etc etc.