Looking for a road bike - needs to have threaded BB, mudguard eyelets for use with 25mm tyres and around 9kg or under.

This one seems to tick all the boxes -  8.8kg in size 56 and looks like would be a good buy-  but  can't find any reviews other than the Tiagra Disc version.  Anyone using/used one in the past? Impressions? Maybe its just me but the Cannondale geometry looks a bit more aggressive than a lot of other bikes.


Using An Arkose atm and previously used a Triban. Do around 3500 miles a year, including hilly rides in the Yorkshire Dales.

Considered Allez Elite but read of issues with front mudguards clearance and only fit with 23mm tyre on the front. Asked Specialized about this and had no reply.

Any alternatives? Prefer to try instore than online but willing to consider. Ribble? I'm avoiding planet x due to their dire/non existent CS and no shop.

Budget wise looking upto around £1200








jollygoodvelo [1827 posts] 3 months ago

Used to have a CAAD8, which the Optimo succeeded, and it was a joy to ride.  Lively handling, and a good looking bike which does matter.  Not sure the Optimo is that aggressive, perhaps just that many other bikes in that price range have become progressively less racy.

The BSA bottom bracket restricts your choice somewhat (I'm having the same problem) - perhaps something like a Kinesis or Genesis?