Hi peeps

Looking at new bikes and basically narrowed it down to 3 options based on my budget and needs.

1) 2018 synapse Dura-ace https://www.cannondale.com/en/Europe/Bike/ProductDetail?Id=c3f551be-895a...
2) 2018 synapse ultegra Di 2
3) 2019 boardman slr 9.6 disc https://www.boardmanbikes.com/gb_en/products/2263-slr-9.6-disc.html

Both Synapses can be had for just under £3k with the boardman coming in at £3.5k.

The boardman has great specs and i know if i get either of the cannondales i would want to upgrade the wheels, that being said i'm not desperate to have Di2 but would like to give it a go as never used it.

I suppose what im asking is does anyone have experience with the Boardman/Synapse and whats your thoughts on the DA over Di2?

Thanks for any help/opinions


Zermattjohn [347 posts] 5 months ago
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Just test ride them. And by that I mean a proper ride, not just around the car park, so you can see how the bike rides up and down hills and in the corners, full gas as well as easy spinning. Take it on terrain/roads where you will mostly ride it.

With regards to DA or Di2, it's personal preference so just see which feels better. For £3k any bike is going to be good, so it's going to come down to small details which only you can decide on - I can tell you all about what I think about Di2 but it's not me spending the cash or riding the bike  3