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I have a question regarding how comfortable a bike feels.

I have two bikes, one Aero racer and one CX/Gravel. 

The problem is that my cx/gravel feels so uncomfortable in terms of how "stiff" or sensitive to road buzz/small bumps.

It just feels very hard and I get pain in my hands.

Switching to the aero racer after riding my cx feels supersmooooth...how can this be? I thought a fullblood aero racer would be more uncomfortable.

Question: Can different types of quality in carbon fibre make this? The aero road bike is more expensive. Or 

is it the drop handlebars? Is it the wheels? 

Here is the setup:

CX/Gravel: 2000 euro

On One Space Chicken (PlanetX)

Frame and fork - Carbon

Wheels - Aluminium DT R24 Spline

Tires - 30mm Challenge Strada Bianca ( inflated 6 bar)

Drop handlebars - Aluminium

Road bike: 4000 euro

BH G6 Pro

Frame and fork - Carbon

Wheels - Carbon Vision 40

Tires - 25mm vittoria ( inflated 8 bar)

Drop handlebars - carbon/plastic


StoopidUserName [702 posts] 5 months ago

It's a weird one. Could be due to bike fit or maybe have you tried lower pressures in the cx bike tyres? (Or getting wider, lower pressure tyres?)

Personally I've felt more comfortable on my 'race' bikes than I have on my other endurance or cx bikes...I'm just more used to a more aggressive position.

Still, I'm surprised you're getting that uncomfortable on the cx

kil0ran [1698 posts] 5 months ago

Likely to be a bike fit issue - too much weight on your hands. See if you can match the fit between the two bikes:

Same saddle height above bottom bracket

Same reach to bars

Same hood position

Are the cranks the same length on both bikes?

I'd expect that the CX bike has a taller front end (longer head tube & top of steerer higher off the ground) and it might be that you can't get low enough on it. Possibly you're riding with your arms braced, that will transmit a lot of force to your hands.

If you have the flexibility try a long ride on the CX riding in the drops and see if you get the same hand pain.

check12 [306 posts] 5 months ago

6bar / 87psi in 30mm tyres is quite high, take a little out 5 psi at a time.


dont grip the bars so tight 

Nat Jas Moe [197 posts] 5 months ago

I agree with check12 you should be inflating to about 5 bar depending on you weight.

BBB [508 posts] 5 months ago
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30mm Strada Bianca on your rims measure about 31.5mm. The pressure you are running in such relatively high volume tyres kills comfort, traction/grip and speed.
Personally at under 80kg I would never consider running them at more than 70PSI REAR and 60PSI FRONT, tops.

Miller [286 posts] 5 months ago

That's still way too high. Try the tyres at 30 - 40 psi. Give the tyre a chance to make you comfortable!