Hi guys, delighted to join the forum as I buy my first road bike.
I've been recommended a Whistle Crow Ultegra thats available 2nd hand by a friend who knows his stuff. Its a barely ridden 2012, spec looks great. I just wanted a second opinion from anyone who knows this brand if they'd recommend it. Price seems very reasonable as well. Any thoughts much appreciated!

Cheers, Craig


mike the bike [1223 posts] 2 months ago


In sixty years of mucking about on two wheels I've neither heard of, nor seen, a Whistle Crow bike, so I can't offer a firm opinion.  But the very fact that it's unfamiliar sets alarm bells ringing.  It could be a tiny firm that's selling good stuff or, more likely, it's a cheaply made bike with outdated components.  And the fact that it's seven years old probably counts against it, particularly bearing in mind the plethora of improvements made in bike design over that time.

But more important than my ramblings, do you like it?  Will it get you riding? Could it be the best investment you will ever make?  Only you know the answers so, make sure it fits (nothing ruins a ride quite like an ill-fitting bicycle) and give it a test run.

And if you don't like it, there are loads more on eBay or you could look at Triban bikes from Decathlon.

Best of luck.

craigrobertson85 [1 post] 2 months ago

Thanks Mike, appreciate the reply. Cheers