As the weather is good I've been commuting on my carbon rims recently, which happen to have a very noisy freehub!

Riding home the other day on the cycle path I got some aggro from a cyclist in front of me, who I was perfectly happy to sit well behind until it was safe to pass. She thought I was hassling her because of the angry sounding wheel apparently. I tried briefly to explain that is just what they sound like and there is nothing I could do about it. What do you say to that? Is this person just a bit daft or should I expect some people won't understand why some wheels are noisy? Its not the first time I sensed people feel a bit intimidated by the sound, maybe I should only get them out on the open roads


Helmut D. Bate [101 posts] 4 months ago
crazy-legs wrote:

Sorry, what was that you were saying @randonneur?

I couldn't hear him either above all the wasted energy.

Xenophon2 [102 posts] 4 months ago
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ktache wrote:

The new XTR will be reportedly silent.

Just setting up my new Rohloff build at this very moment, at last, I will see how noisy it is generally.

She must have been going a bit slow for you to be able to aggressively freewheel so much.  Think what she would have been like if you'd had to jam on your (squealy) brakes.


Not so noisy at all, except in gear 7.  Expect a 1000 mile break-in period though, despite what they say in the publicity that's the distance it took for mine to become really smooth.   When I started out I initially thought I'd made a very expensive mistake and should've stayed with a derailleur .  For all weather commuting/trekking and whenever weight is no object, there's no better system imho.  If they'd be able to shave off some weight and made it really flawlessly compatible with drop bars, I'd mount one on my gravel bike.

About noisy freehubs:  I hate'm, for me they've been a reason to change kit.  Though I'd never think about b*tching to another rider about the noise of their hub.

ktache [1991 posts] 4 months ago

Oddly 8th gear is the noisy one, I think maybe that the LBS may have put the cables back to front, gear 1 is fastest and 14 for the big hills, makes little difference mind.  I expected a 1000 mile break in, but it's not too noisy.

rosscado [28 posts] 4 months ago

The angry bees in my Reynolds hub certainly caught the attention of the commuter ahead of me on a single track section. He jammed on to see what was behind him, nearly sending me into the back of him!

Liam Cahill [188 posts] 4 months ago
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Noisy freehubs block out the haters