Hi All


My bottom bracket is not letting the cranks spin as freely as it should (without the chain on) so  I think it is time to replace it. As it happens I have one but I have a couple of questions with the install.

There is a sort of dust cap/O rings from memory on the crank side that goes against the bottom bracket bearings. The new BB didnt come with this and I would like to put a new one on. Does anyone know what the part number/name of this is or where I can get one? Also do I really need it? All the online install videos I have seen never seem to have one.

Also last time I installed a BB I tightened it with a wrench but didnt check the torque. Any cheap tools to make sure I am getting the requred torque when tightening it up?




mike the bike [1262 posts] 4 months ago


You are right AP, the washer should be replaced.  If the old one still looks like a washer, use that.  If not your LBS will be sure to have one, as will SJS Cycles, who stock all manner of useful and shiny things.

There are loads of videos on this subject on the electric internet and it might pay you to watch a couple.  Best of luck.