Just after some advice from anyone who has been in a similar situation, and what the outcome was. 


End last week i was hit by a car, damage to the kit is one pair of snapped Fulcrum RS cranks, a broken sidi buckle and  a very slight buckle in my Campag Zonda rear wheel. I only have a bruised and sore foot. 

I have a couple of witnesses,  dashcam footage that shows the car cross the white line as it comes towards me, but it does not show the collision as the dashcam was in the car infront of me. I have a police incident number and i am a Cycling UK member. I don't have a copy of the footage, the person who took it says they have given it to the police. I also don't have a reg number and to be honest beyond the car being blue i couldn't describe anything useful. My thoughts were more this is going to f***ing hurt as the car came straight at me!

I am hopeful the police can do something, but...

However i am now out of pocket, and wondering what hope there is of getting anything? 



Pilot Pete [147 posts] 1 month ago

Not a hit and run, more a hit and stop by an old lady who didn’t look and pulled out on me. She admitted liability and I git all my damages paid for through her insurers.

If you can find out who the driver is and if you are lucky enough that they turn out to be insured then you stand a good chance. I suspect the biggest problem will be them probably not being insured, which is why they ran... there is a fund which you may be able to get some compensation from after being hit by an uninsured driver I think.

Good luck.


Argos74 [516 posts] 1 month ago
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Report to the police, if the vehicle can be traced, claim against the vehicle's insurer.

If the vehicle can't be traced or is uninsured, you then have the MIB option. Sadly, this does not involve Will Smith, aliens or rayguns. Damnit.


ChrisB200SX [1011 posts] 1 month ago

Think you'll need reg number for MiB claim. Either way, hassle the police to do their job properly and you should be able to go through CUK, they should be able to advise through their helpline, give you a solictor, etc.