Need advice on a new C2W road bike


I am about to get another £1k C2W voucher and I have narrowed my search down to two bikes but I can’t decide between them and hoped anyone with experience of either could give advice on which one I should go for.  

It will be used primarily for all year round commuting so disc brakes are a definite for me.  I already own a Planet X pro carbon which I use for nice weather riding.

so the two bikes are 

Giant Contend SL 1 disc 2019 - been told that there will be a sale soon with %20 off meaning it falls within the C2W limit - BUT I have to pay a %10 admin fee.


Boardman ADV 8.9 - full hydro brakes as opposed to the conduct system and the colour appeals more to me.  The Boardman has tiagra with 11/32 and the giant has 105 with 11/34.  

I’m leaning towards the Boardman as it also has larger tyres and pannier / mudguard mounts but I can’t try one out before buying as there are none in stock.   

Anyone own either of these can help me make my mind up?? 



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