Hi All, This is my suspension fork... Suntour NRX D HLO. 63mm. Hydraulic Speed Lockout / Preload

I'd like stiffer suspension than what my fork offers now. My idea is to change to a stiffer spring to achieve that. I wrote to Suntour asking about this. This was their response... "It does not appear as though spring kits are available for the NRX forks."

Are stiffer 3rd party springs available for my fork or is a whole new fork my only option? All comments are welcome, thanks!

(btw, Preload is already set to max!)


mc [26 posts] 4 months ago

I just had a quick look at a couple of the exploded diagrams for NRX forks, and it does look like there is only one option for each travel option.

If you knew the dimensions and force/mm, you could probably find something that might work, but it would likely take a lot of trial and error.