Commuting tyres

I'm always confused but loving it.

I used to commute 80 km days on a high quality 700c23 racer. Never wet, always sunny, no problems. Didn't get flats, carried about 10kg on back.
Bike was stolen.
I then commuted about 9 km on a cheap racer 700c23 . Trucking suburb, 30 kg on back. Lots of rear punctures. Upgraded tyre to a slow high volume 28. Front cheap 23. No problems.
Years past. Got back on a bike.
Commuted 30 km. Little weight. Old but nice racer. 700c28 Maxxis Refuse. (Lower volume than above but faster.) No problems.
Then commuted 15 km. Same combo. Started getting punctures. Not sure if 10+year old rims worn, whatever. Punctures suck. Switched onto 38 mm Maxxis Overdrive, 32mm Wiggles brand rear. A year later, no punctures.
What had changed my mind was running late to work, boss on phone while changing a puncture during a rain storm. I get consistent times on my wider combinations and reliability is awesome.
During summer I'll commute with a high quality racer on 28 mm tyres which I don't think I've punctured yet but most summer days will be on the same ol' get on and go combination that carries me through winter..

I like the wider tyres because holding pace along a river track is way easier but straight smooth sections are slightly slower (maybe a lot slower?). Yet more so like because punctures suck.
I glad if I helped someone. Live to ride, ride to live

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