Basic bike maintenance

I’m relatively new to cycling, at least in terms of doing it regularly. I find myself now without a car until have bought a new bike (Cannondale Topstone gravel bike) and intend to use that for the bulk of my commuting - at least 3 times a week, circa 20 miles a day. I’m using a route which is a combination of road and trail/towpath, so there will undoubtedly be muddy days in there somewhere :)

I think I can say that my history of bike maintenance is I don’t think I have ever cleaned or done anything to a bike beyond adjusting my seat post and maybe once I repaired a puncture.....

I don’t want the new bike to go the way of past bikes, and want my commutes to be as comfortable as possible, so looking after the bike is important this time. I am a bit clueless on what a basic level of bike maintenance looks like. How should I, and how often should I clean it? What is classified as cleaning it, full on pressure wash, wipe down? Daily, weekly? Do I clean the chain, how? Do I need lube, which one? Do I degrease it, how?

So far, this week I had a couple of dry days and one wet day. On the wet day I just wiped the bike down with an old towel at the end of the day when I got him and that was it..

Any advice, help much appreciated


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