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Helmets - personal experience

So, I'm not about to proselytize or seek to convert people, this is what I experienced today: (disclosure:  I've always been a sort of fan of helmets though never a fanatic, today made me a firm believer though).

Returning home, gusts of wind, rain starting in earnest.  I took a roundabout that I've taken a thousand times before.  Only difference was that I'd forgotten that just last saturday I had installed a brand new set of Hutchinson sector 28 mm tyres, brilliant on dry pavement, murder on wet, especially when new.

I entered the roundabout (right hand side driving over here) at 32 kmph (about 20 mph I guess) and halfway through, felt the rear wheel slide from under me.  I hit the pavement on my left hip and elbow, then my head just 'bounced' on the tarmac.  Or rather, my Bontrager specter wavecell helmet did.  Picked myself  up almost immediately, saw the proverbial stars and felt a bit dizzy.  A police patrol that saw everything pulled over to ask if I needed medical assistance, which I declined.  Rode home (no real damage to the bike) at a much lower speed than before.

End result:

-  Bit of a headache

- 20 cm of road rash on my left hip (kudos to Assos:  not a nick on their Cento evo bib, under it my skin was virtually gone).  Spraying desinfectant on that was an interesting experience.   Guess I'll be black and blue tomorrow.

- Sore elbow

- Sore ribs

The helmet shows very little sign of impact on the exterior, just some dimples.  On the interior however, the wavecell structure cracked/deformed in the temporal region.  I guess that's what it's designed to do.  I'll have to get a new one but don't doubt for a second that without it I'd have been visiting the casualty ward, riding in a ambulance rather than on my bike.  So for me it's helmets all the way from now on.

For the doubting Thomases (I understand):  yes, I have pics but unfortunately I don't see how to upload them here.  If you can explain how I should do so I'll gladly post them.



If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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