Freehub Service Tips

Hi all,

I want to service my freehub and should appreciate some advice on the following three areas:

1) Freehub Removal

I tried to remove my freehub using a wrench and 10mm hex bit. This failed miserably: the hole in the centre of the freehub was wider than the 10mm hex bit. I hope that this was just because the hex bit was not long enough and could not engage far enough down inside the freehub. So if I get a 10mm Allen key from Halfords or Chain Reaction Cycles, will that do the job? I shall not be able to use a torque wrench to tighten the freehub once I have removed it, but life ain't perfect.

2) Solvent to flush out the freehub

Would a biodegradable white spirit intended for eco-friendly brush cleaning be okay for cleaning and flushing out the freehub? Does anyone have a better, standard recommendation (a green option, if possible)?

3) Re-lubricating the freehub

Grease is obviously out, but I have also read that normal bike lube (e.g. for the drivetrain) is too thin. I've read Phil Wood's Tenacious Oil as the recommended product to lubricate a freehub, but this seems as expensive as malt whiskey on a £ per ml basis! Does anyone have a good recommendation for a lube that is sensibly priced but will do the job on the freehub?

Thanks in advance.


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