Freehub keeps sticking immediately after being serviced

Hi guys,

I'm such a novice when it comes to drivetrain stuff, so I'm really stumped with what to do. I have a set of Mavic Ksyrium Elites from around 2011-12 and the rear wheel's been misbehaving no matter what I do. It's like the freehub doesn't coast and behaves like a fixie.

When my feet are at the pedals and I'm not pedalling, the hub coasts but the drag is horrendous. It's been serviced twice by my LBS in less than three months and it goes back to its barely-coasting state in less than 100 yards! The chain slaps on the frame like nobody's business too.

Turning the bike upside down to crank the rear wheel, its like the chain is dictating stuff, moving the cranks almost as quickly as the rear wheel at first. Could the chain or the chain length be a factor?

The drivetrain itself is Campagnolo (Veloce 9 speed) and the Mavic Hub has a proper Campy adapter. The bike is a Bianchi Reparto Corse from around 2002-3.

I'd appreciate any help possible, I've asked around so many places and most people don't seem to have a clue what it is. I'm used to MTBs and this never seemed to happen on Shimano stuff!



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