A German lady, Barbara Röhn, who calls herself Ventouwoman, has just completed a 5 week holiday in Malaucène. During the 5 weeks, she climbed Ventoux 70 times, claiming 7 Cinglés titles (3 ascents in a day), and 6 Bicinglés titles (6 ascents in a day).

Inspirational, or does she just need to get a life?


Simon E [3924 posts] 4 months ago

I'd say that she already has a life and is living it to the full (in this regard, at least). It's surely no different to the many people who ride LEJOG (including current RRA record holder Michael Broadwith, Richard Thoday and Mavis Paterson), race the TCR, GBDuro or approach any other challenge that puts them a long way out of their comfort zone. But you're not obliged to be impressed or inspired.

brooksby [5359 posts] 4 months ago

I'll go with "inspirational", thanks. You've got to have a dream...

Griff500 [461 posts] 4 months ago
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Simon E wrote:

..... But you're not obliged to be impressed or inspired.

Oh I'm certainly impressed. I do Ventoux a few times a year, I've done the triple ascent, and I'm mightily impressed with anyone who does the Bicinglés, which typically involves starting at 4am and finishing at 10pm, even once. I guess I just don't find it an interesting enough climb to want to do it all day every day. Now Galibier, I could do that every day without ever getting bored!