Starting again - what to get?

Its been a good few years out of the saddle for me. Up to about 2014 I was riding maybe 100-150 miles a week, commuting in a city and doing some running too. But 2x kids, change of work, moving halfway across the country -  I sold most of my kit and my riding totally stopped. Other things took priority in the last 5 years, not a new story.

Now an opportunity has presented itself with a car being sold, to get back into the saddle. I'm keen to get back to some solid excerise, but I am so completely out of the loop on what is good / bad / worth my attention. I wondered if anyone had any views on what might be worth looking at based on my use case.

Primary use for the bike for now will be to commute. Work is now 20 miles away on wet, windy, pot hole ridden back roads between Cornwall and Devon 3/4x a week. 98% tarmac, but alot of poor surfaces. Circa 1500ft incline in each direction, a few steep parts but mainly 5-8% I would guess. It will be very scenic but probably not very forgiving - some of these roads are forgotten, arse end of nowhere sort of thing.

I need a bike of course, likely something that will take mudguards but no need for anything like panniers for now. I don't want a totally 'relaxed' bike - something with some pace available when I get my legs back, but doesn't need to be a race bike. Given my budget, I would probably prefer used for now but the choice is just enormous. I've dug out my old fit data and it tells me:

The Eddy Fit (cm)
Seat tube range c-c:   55.5 - 56.0
Seat tube range c-t:   57.1 - 57.6
Top tube length:       55.9 - 56.3
Stem Length:           10.4 - 11.0
BB-Saddle Position:    74.8 - 76.8
Saddle-Handlebar:      55.5 - 56.1
Saddle Setback:        6.0 - 6.4

Decent winter apparel a must and definitely a bombproof waterproof. Also lights that are suitable for totally unlit roads which will be 95% of the ride. I'd also like to be able to measure progress, so a watch / on bike computer of some kind would be great. 

I think I've probably got my helmet, shoes and maybe some bib shorts knocking around, along with a few base layers.

I could probably manage £1500-2k all in to cover (in order of probable importance):

  • Bike 
  • Lights
  • Warm apparel
  • Waterproof
  • Something to measure progress

Any advice for someone looking to come back appreciated.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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