Alan 1 - 0 Wing Mirror

I was enjoying a relatively skirmish free commute in today and riding about 5 metres behind a car, that was behind 3 other cars, following a tractor at about 20mph. The gap was maintained as we were all moving at the speed of the tractor, and oh yes there it appeared, a car on my right trying to overtake and get into the non existent gap.


As there was no gap forthcoming he decided to create one by veering towards me trying to push me from the road. The first punch of his passenger window (good times now the big gloves are out) seemed to wake him up but he kept coming. At this point I hit his bodywork pretty hard and he applied the brakes leading to me connecting pretty hard with his wingmirror which skittled off down the road.


As the tractor departed and the traffic sped up he created space to park in a lay by for an exchange of opinions. He seemed surprised that I denied touching his car as he'd clearly have passed far too far away for a cyclist to be able to touch it.


He then got aggressive but being 20 years past his best and technically a midget didn't get too far... Tossers!

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