How aero is Focus Izalco Max against other aero bikes like Madone, Venge and Propel?


Simon E [3888 posts] 2 months ago

Any differences between all the 'aero' bikes will be very small. At worst it could be fractionally less aero in some circumstances but no-one could notice. IMVHO I wouldn't worry about it.

Far more important is that fits properly and you enjoy riding it.

Kozaki [2 posts] 2 months ago

I am thinking of buying Propel or Izalco max. I am just not sure how much faster is Propel frame than Izalco? So is it worth going for Izalco becouse it is more all-around bike.

Htc [154 posts] 2 months ago
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I'd go for which ever one fits you best. As Simon says the differences are very small once you're looking at the top 10 bikes. Being more comfortable and better positioned is going to give you better performance than saving 5 watts on the bike being more aero.

Run BMC [19 posts] 1 month ago

I've not ridden the Izalco Max, but I've recently upgraded to the Propel disc after riding the older rim based model for a few years, and the difference between the two is like night and day.  The old Propel was a bit of a slug when it came to accelerating, but the new model is something else completely.  Its not a case of having to convince yourself that its more aero - you really can feel it!  Never had any problems in terms of comfort with either model.