Squirt lube - my experience

I know lubes are a fairly subjective and personal choice, but if anybody is interested in Squirt heres my take on it.

This is a water based wax lube that claims to last up to 7h of riding and keep your drivetrain cleaner than regular lubes.

On road and gravel bike use Ive found it pretty much lives up to its claims, seemed to last well on even 9h rides without hearing any dryness, seems to be less grit in the chain after rides and any dirt either rinses or wipes off easily. Another benefit is that it keep the jockey wheels and chainrings cleaner too, and there are no oil marks on clothing / hands when handling the bike.

Off road its fine in the dry, but when its wet ive found itll only do a few hours, and if its properly dirty then its not really up to the task.

So ill be happy to use it for road and gravel year round, but will probably stick to my usual Finish line dry or wet lubes for trail riding.


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