Look Keo Cleats Grip vs Non-Grip

I am a beginner and although this is my second proper bike, my first bike was mine only for a few rides... as such cleats and such are brand new to me...

The second hand bike I just bought came with Look KEO2MAX pedals. I wrongly assumed Shimano cleats would work with it. My intention is to opt for Look cleats in grey with 4.5 degree of movement, since 9 degree/red seems a bit too much and 0 degree/black seems a little drastic.

Now, to decide either Keo Grip or Keo Cleat. If I understand correctly, Grip means you can walk in them, or sort of. Since I don't want to walk in them, just ride, I figure to get the Non-Grip ones, but they are really hard to get hold of for me. Which ones to the pros use (at least this would give me an idea)? The non-grip are still listed on Look's website.

Please help


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