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Tubeless failure - tape recs?

Front wheel tyre failed topping it up whilst on the turbo. Many frustrating hours later after resolving to start again discovered a hole in the rim tape above a spoke hole. Both front and rear wheels have lied dormant for 10 months due to a crash and turbo use, and was very surprised to find a healthy amount of sealant in both. After checking the rear wheel the tape was intact but a little soft near one spoke hole. Sounds probable to me that the tape has 'wetted out' where it has been sat in sealant in the same place for so long. Is that likely and happened to anyone else?

I'd gone the cheapo route in using kapton tape, however it was fine being set up and in use. I'm hesitant to use it again though mindful that perhaps any tape would fail being sat in liquid for the best part of a year. Regardless, learnt my lesson and started to use an old wheel with a tube for the turbo.

Anyone have any rim tape recommendations? (17mm id rims)

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